Graceland 11/21/12

This week, Ziah gives out awards to each comic totally unlike that other place that won awards and is super great. Anyway, Ziah did this because there were a lot of great things out this week, and he didn’t want to only give a best award. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Except turkeys. I guess it’s kind of an unfortunate holiday.

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Vertigo Comics Announces New Fable’s Spinoff S.N.O.P.E.S.

Vertigo announced a new Fables spinoff entitled S.N.O.P.E.S. today on their website to be penned by Fables Cinderella and recent Legion of Superhero/Star Trek writer Chris Roberson.
Roberson commented “We’ve seen this growing influence of the people and beliefs influencing and creating new worlds in Fables but where are these new stories – the ones that we get in emails from our relatives that go into the spam folder? A new world has showed up with a new America run through fear where almost every toy and food is made with killer lead, the government actually has death panels and the president really is a terrorist. These new Fables are planning to invade the real world to create the New America so it will be up to a group called S.N.O.P.E.S. to stop them.
In what seems to be a reactionary tale against the growing fears of the nation S.N.O.P.E.S. will talk an more action-y side of things – “explosions, motorcycle chases and all sorts of awesome stuff.”
Bill Willingham who is well known as a staunch conservative was not consulted over creation of the new series.