Alan Moore: V for Veidt-detta?

So in honor of Bonfire Night and every dumbass on the internet canonizing a religious fundamentalist terrorist and misunderstanding symbology I am reposting a forum post I did a year ago. This was based on a¬†similarity¬†I found between Veidt’s “I did it 35 minutes ago” line and V’s “I did it 10 minutes ago” line when he kills Dr. Surridge. Could V from V for Vendetta be Ozymandia aka Adrian Veidt aka Rap Game Alexander the Great.

Alan Moore To Star In New Swamp Thing Movie

While priorly secret production of a new Swamp Thing film was taking place, Alan Moore was discovered to star as the elusive Swamp Thing in the new pulp mockumentary film.
“Sure it looks like he is just a hairy dude in clothes but we can CG him after,” said the still anonymous director. “I mean we’ve got enough action scenes – he set himself fire and ran into the water, he fights some demons he summoned to worship him and he even piloted a boat while shooting a mounted gun. He is living with Swamp Thing swagger.”
Moore has seemingly been unaware of the film due to his current vacation in the Florida Everglades.
It is currently unknown what other actors will be staring in the adaptation of the film but due to the talk of Moore summoning demons he might actually play Swamp Thing and mystic enemy Anton Arcane.
More as it develops.