Shulkin’ With Savage She-Hulk 3

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Dan Slott’s She-Hulk run was one of the first comics I completely read. It is a lot of fun but I decided to give the original shot a try. I know Byrne’s run is really were regarded and that the character was created for copyright purposes but how is the actual comic? I decided to check it out. This time – episode 3 or The one where the Savage She-Hulk fights a giant robot!

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Jenn is still widely presumed dead because apparently the chief of police doesn’t want information getting out. This means that the henchmen, unaware that their testimonials were used by a  living Jenn Walters, can be used to free them but a mysterious green being steals them right from under the eyes of the stereotypical Irish officer!

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I think this is how the Law and Order straight bait porn started.

Meanwhile Jenn is crashing at Zapper’s parent’s beach house and she’s having a rough time. An appearance by Buck Bukowski and Zapper wearing cutoff shorts doesn’t help.  The news is out that She-Hulk is a murderer so Jenn starts to Hulk out from the stress and decides to solve mysteries.

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It’s not until the panel where the snake kills him that I realized he didn’t just have his own snake that was jealous of him talking on the phone.

Meanwhile our buddy Stryker, not the mutant hating one, is using more snakes to kill people – especially though who he already betrayed. Snakes just show up everywhere.

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And elsewhere Poppa Walters, the Sheriff is trying to track down She-Hulk for murder! BUM BUM BUM!


Jenn ends up following trasks men but decides to head home eventually, missing a murder by a mysterious creature with hair just like the She-Hulk!

Jenn returns home in time to get a phone call from a captured Monkton who tricks Jenn into revealing where she is. And then her Sheriff dad asks She-Hulk to turn herself in on the TV, Jenn freaks and tries to drug herself.

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Zapper and his mustache and fro and jean shorts piece together that Jenn is She-Hulk, just in time for the fake She-Hulk robot to bust in. It never gets a name. Only a wig and a bad paint job – this was the robot we saw foreshadowed in the last issue. And it’s a Stark Brand!

Zapper wastes time trying to fight the beast only for Jenn to return to normal and then turn into She-Hulk. The two tumble into the ocean and the poor paint job washes off and Jenn realizes Trask is behind everything so she had to kill him!

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But first in issue 4 of Savage She-Hulk! A family competition.

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Yes Father, I will become the foe.


Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.