Pitch Week – Herc

Welcome to Pitch Week – the week where we pitch the ideas we’d like to see for media, realistic or not, and give them because if we can’t talk about dream projects – why run a fake website?

Herc/The Incredible Herc

Set in the Marvel Movieverse we are given a loose adaptation of the Incredible Herc series by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, in fact get those two writing for the movie since Pak has direct history writing movies.
After finding his parents killed and his house exploded the only clue to his parent’s murder that Amadeus Cho has is a SHIELD Agent seen running from the scene. Cho, using his thousands in college scholarships and his parent’s inheritance to hire Hercules, a cable channel bounty hunter who is more than what he seems. The two take off in a van to track down SHIELD HQ as Cho finds that Herc is the real god and that emotions must be kept in track since things aren’t always what they seem which are shared through stories of Hercule’s famous exploits. Meanwhile Agent Coulson from the other films acts as the law attempting to track the pair down and stop them.
Picture it as a transcontinental action film filled with explosions and old enemies leading to the final confrontation with SHIELD and the truth about what happened. Something that happens in the universe more commonly that doesn’t necessarily concern the bigger heroes and doesn’t require entry into the Avengers.

Amadeus Cho – age him up to 16 or so, unsure about actors. This Cho is less of the mega genius that he was in the series to balance him out a little more. He’s going to college already and is set to graduate in a few months. He can be rash and vindictive but is ultimately good. Over the story he changes to become more controlled thanks to lessons from Herc. Must be Korean-American.

Hercules – immortal god of strength possibly played by a wrestler type (CM Punk?) – think Batman Brave and the Bold Aquaman personality wise – more energetic and excitable than in the comic. There is a dark edge though that comes from being immortal and for the sins in his past. While the other Greek gods remain in Olympus, Herc who was born human likes the company of people who change. At the start of the film his is a bounty hunter on tv but he hides his true strength. When he meets Cho and sees the potential for good or evil though, he sees that it is important to guide the boy who lost his parents and to turn him from the path of revenge.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.