Pitch Machine: ERAS

Ziah Grace challenged me to make a 7 Soldiers of Victory style series using any character making a pitch every day for a week. I laughed. And then I picked a buncha Bob Powell characters that almost nobody heard of and made 7 pitches that tie into the same story. Except each one takes place in a different decade. And each story has a different feel towards it. I do wish I’d fit in more female characters though but here is my pitch for ERAS. And I did this all in about 2 hours.

Ted Parrish

Ted Parrish was an actor – The Man of 1000 Faces, Master of Make-Up until the Depression hits. Hollywood folded up like a blind man playing Poker and Ted gots into fighting – he’s an angry man, he’s washed up and he just likes to beat people till they bleed. He ended up joining the underground fighting ring in Hollywood where he holds the top few spots and is lucky enough to avoid booking fights with his other personas until his luck runs out. When his two biggest personas have to refuse and they are kicked out. Ted refuses to give up and returns under another identity but he finds that the fights have changed. Now instead of fighting other humans – it is him versus monsters and if he loses, he’ll be the piece of meet chopped up into a beast. Can Ted Parrish find the source of the monsters to stop them and can he prevent his own inner demons from ripping himself apart?


Baron Marek Povalski made it through the War intact. He protected his people from the Nazi incursion as the Marksman. He shut down the local concentration camp from the inside and he gave the Allies vital information to recapture Poland. 2 years have passed since the War ended and the Baron has been stripped of his land by the Communist Party. His acts of valor has been stricken from the record and he stands a broken man, aged and sore. When rumors of ghosts in the concentration camp circulate and people begin to disappear, Marek decides to make one final trip under the red cloak of the Marksman to protect a people who have forgotten him in a land where justice has vanished.

Mr. Mystic

Born into a rich family in the heart of New York, Ken Weiser only wanted spiritual satisfaction. As his search into religion and mysticism swept up his life, he found himself traveling across the world, gathering knowledge from the great spiritual leaders of the world while keeping a travelogue. When his attempts to find something truly spiritually fulfilling failed, a dream of the Hidden Master in Tibet proved to be his once. Upon arriving he began his path to enlightenment, to became more than a mortal. Unfortunately the Chinese occupation forced Ken to leave before he was able to finish his training leaving him incomplete. Barred from returning to Tibet, Ken has begun billing himself as Mr. Mystic, swami, guru and magician hoping to reach Nirvana through good deeds. Now though, his dreams whisper of a dangerous force that seeks to unbalance life and death and it is up to Mr. Mystic to save the balance of the world.

Dr. Fung

Dr. Marvin Fung graduated with a doctorate in medical surgery following his parents wishes. When he finds his work unsatisfying, he takes to the streets as a detective in San Francisco – a city undergoing a change. After falling in with the dropouts he began a heavy binge of drugs and rampant sex finding days of his life slipping by. And then what began as the Summer of Love has turned into the Summer of Slaughters. Innocent bystanders are turning up drugged and dead with missing organs – but they keep on moving and killing. Now teaming up with his father’s ex-partner, Dan Barrister, Marvin Fung plans on catching the killer but will he be able to his fight his addictions long enough to separate his hallucinations from reality – or will he find out there is no difference?


Tricky Dick has a smaller Dick working for him – Special Agent Richard Anthony – secret agent, sex machine, gay android. Created as part of the Anti-Nazi war movement out of alien technology, D-13 (if you’re feeling nasty) is the first, last and only line of defense against superthreats from clones of the President sent from the future seeking to disenfranchise the Commander in Chief to Mayan Pyramids turning into fighting robots. Now though a dark force is chasing after Richard – they’ve taken his partner and lover and now two Dicks are going to take down the kidnapper with the best weaponry the President and a super powered gay alien android secret agent can steal. It’s gonna be an insane go-go fantasy cosmic action with Agent D-13 and the President on the case.

Jet Powers

When Carter took over the secret agent policy ended. The next man in line, an inventor named Jet Powers found himself plucked from his life of cocaine and sex and placed in a bomb shelter in the New Mexico desert with the goal of creating a cheap and reproducible solar cell. When Carter ended up being assassinated, Powers got the call to surrender – except there was no way to rescue him. Powers began creating new solar technology eventually resulting in Vitamin D-4, a super charged solar drug that grants the user a state of euphoric bliss and control over light. But as the addiction takes over, Power’s solar cells are at risk when a mysterious army appears to steal them. Will the forgotten lord of light be able to protect his invention and who is the mysterious army working for?


In the future, 1000 years down the line, Doctor Landor has total control of the universe – his will is reality, his dreams send screams through the souls of the universe. But Fate seeks to rewrite the future. Now on the eve of the year 2000, Atoma, daughter of a world that should never be seeks to prevent her own life by stopping the first war with the dreaded immortal Doctor Landor – maker of monsters who has decades of technology and magic at his disposal. Will Atoma be able to put an end to the greatest threat to mankind before it can grow. Will she sacrifice her own reality to save the world? The series pulls out the stops as one woman from the broken world of tomorrow must rebuild the present to fight the greatest enemy from the past!

If you are interested in I guess illustrating this or hiring me to write this, I need work so yeah…

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.