Pharaoh and Ibis Part 5

“Kevin Canyon, you have been chosen to save the world,” said a bright and loud voice.

Kevin found himself to be alone, walking through a dark, featureless void. “Am I dead?” asked Kevin as he continued through the darkness.

“No, Kevin. You have been chosen to prevent chaos in the world caused by Aten.”

“Who is Aten and who the heck are you?” Kevin asked putting up a front of bravery.

“My name is Ra, who has created man and who has run the three worlds for thousands of years. I am the Lord of the Sun, Master of Night and Day” the voice said.

“I thought the sun was just gravity and space stuff.”

“Your science is only able to study the laws that we greater powers have set in motion. The truths and the path to control the natural world still belongs to us. Still, we have found it best to distance ourselves from the world but situations with Aten have caused us to change our policy. As such we have chosen you as an emissary of us to save the world in our name”

“Who is this Aten dude? Is he a god?”

“Aten sought to replace the gods and faced a brutal punishment for his actions. Now that he has gained freedom though, he undoutably seeks revenge against us.”

“Well why the heck are you gonna send a kid to fight against a god?”

“That is simple, Kevin Canyon. You are part of the royal lineage and beyond that, you are a soul who has proven himself strong willed and independent. You gift shall be beyond that of basic royalty though.”

“Wait, so am I the Pharaoh now?”

“We no longer have earthly reign but you shall be the leader of men, granted powers by us to uphold justice and order.”

“So I’m the Pharaoh. Awesome. ”

“Yes! You shall summon aweTo activate your powers, you must simply call on me for your power.”

“So what now?”

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.