Pharaoh and Ibis Chapter 7

As the pair began to explore the site Kevin gleefully floated around. As the Pharaoh, the winged dude had no idea that he was really just a kid. He got respect, he got to lead and because he was pretending to know what was going on he got trust.

Kevin moved the block that had sealed the temple and accidentally sent it flying in the air. It continued to spin in the air before it landed far off in the horizon with a loud thud send a puff of snow into the air.

“What did you do that for?” said Chris coming up from the tomb. He’d realized it was impossible to read the hieroglyphics in the tent.

“Well I’m the Pharaoh and I rule Egypt so whatever I do is cool,” Kevin said trying to put up a front of false bravado. “Plus it’s not like they put anything helpful on the lid. I checked,” lied Kevin.

“So you can … read the hieroglyphics then? Maybe you won’t be so bad to bring along.” Chris said as his eyes lit up.

“Oh sure..tainly,” said Kevin as he went down into the tomb. The room was a simple square cell.  Kevin struggled to read the walls in the dark cave before everything became illuminated.
“Dog, guy with a boat. Another dog and that guy looks like he is pooping and then more shapes. I can’t believe you don’t know how to read this stuff Director of Electrology.”

“Egyptology and those pictures have a… wait, if it is dark how can you read those symbols?” asked Chris.

Kevin floated up from the tomb with his eyes shooting out beams of light directly onto Chris. “No idea. Who was this Akenhaten though?” replied Kevin.

“Akenhaten was a pharaoh who according to the record, he was sealed in this tomb for his sins against the gods.”

“I thought that was Aten who was?”

Akenhaten was a man, a mortal like… , well like normal people. Aten was his god who he tried replace the other gods with. When he died, the  priests used a ritual to steal Aten’s godly powers to grant them to Akenhaten bringing him back to like and trapping him in his tomb.”

“Then why did the gods say Aten was in here?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps they were not aware of the switch?” said Chris picking up a flashlight he found.

“So the gods aren’t all powerful then?” said Kevin starting to feel worried.

“I am worried we are going to find out that answer right now,” said Chris as he started to head down into the temple, struggling to fit his wings in.

“This is astounding,” commented Chris.

“What is so astounding?” asked Kevin sounding incredibly bored.

“I can read the hieroglyphics. I can simply read and translate them, even these ones that I’ve never seen. I can revolutionize the field with my ability!”

“You get the power to fly and you’re happy cause you can read?” replied Kevin who was laying down and stretching in mid air.

“Well, according to the tomb, this was a prison for Akenhaten but it seems Akenhaten also wrote, though I can’t translate what he wrote.”

“I thought Mr. Fancy Reader was able to read all the pictures now.”

“Well I can read them, it is just, he wrote these messages in the dark and they are hard to decipher,” said Chris motioning Kevin to look at the scratches made into the stone.

Suddenly the duo heard a large slam and looked to find that tomb had been sealed once more.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.