Pharaoh and Ibis Chapter 6

Chris continued to float upward the void until the world started to return. The clouds suddenly returned separating from the unreality with a steady stream of snow. Out of fright Chris looked down to see himself high above the desert. He began to quickly wave his arms in panic as he found himself floating above the rocky formations of the desert that were now painted white.

The lack of pain caused two realizations to form in Chris’s mind, the first being that his arm was healed and the second that he now possessed a large pair of gray wings on his back that were keeping him airborn. He shivered as the cold touched him causing him to realize the growth of wings caused his dress shirt to disappear.

He estimated that based on the cliffs he was several miles from where he had left his car.

“Of course, I have a healed arm and wings so I might be dreaming,” he said to himself.

Suddenly a bright silver shape began to come towards him. “Greetings mortal human being person, I am the mighty Pharaoh. Also if you are the fiendish Aten” If you are I shall smack you down and defeat you with a powerful force of the gods!”

“This is a weird dream,” groaned Chris.

The figure before him stood over 6 feet tall and was imposingly muscled. In the middle of the silver costume a painting of the sun that seemed to actually burn as it stared into Chris. The figure put his arms akimbo and then crossed them again, trying to look menacing.

“I’m sorry but I have no idea what is going on here. Who are you?” asked Chris rubbing his temples as he floated in the air. The fact that he had not woken up was proof enough that this wasn’t happening.

“I am the super strong and tough Pharaoh who has been sent by the gods to destroy the foul and gross Aten who betrayed the them. The gods have given me every power needed to defeat them. I mean, Aten.”

“Yes, I understand that much but the gods aren’t real and I realize that this sounds silly coming from a man floating with wings.”

“Well duh. I don’t think you can float with wings,” replied the silver garbed man childishly.

“I’ve ruled out that this is a dream but if you are looking for Aten I suppose that we need to travel to the tomb of Akhenaten to solve this… predicament.”

“Then lead forth, mortal angel man,” said the Pharaoh pointing forward.

“I am Chris Cushing, the Director of Egyptology at the British Museum, so I’d prefer if you treated me with some level of respect, Pharaoh

Chris quickly surveyed the land and knew where they were in relation to the tomb and the pair was able to quickly navigate through the snow. With a deep boom, a pillar of smoke appeared on the horizon and the two descended to the camp.
Fire covered the landscape in an orange sea of destruction. Tents and vehicles were crumbling before his eyes as flames engulfed the campsite. The Pharaoh continued to float over the landscapes. 

Chris looked around in horror, falling over himself. “Mayuhddin! Zikri!” he called out to no reply.

The Pharaoh called over “Director Chris, this hole-place is opened up.”

Chris hovered over to find that Tomb of Akhenaten was indeed open, as Pharaoh had said. Chris gave one last look to the camp as he crawled inside.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.