Pharaoh and Ibis Chapter 13

“So you have captured the godkiller” said Ra. Nine figures stood in a circle around the trio and behind the giants, Akenahten sat in shackles.

“So then we shall sentence him to eternal punishement,” said a woman smacking a reed in her hand before pointing it towards Akenahten.

“No, my wife, we shall let him ponder his sins in the infinite void where there is no beginning or end,” said a giant in a beard that seemed to be made of pure darkness.

Ra silenced the group. “My servants on Earth, you have brought an additional figure with you – whom might that be?” inquired Ra.

Caiman stood up. “False deity, I order that you release me.”

Ra picked up Caiman who struggled in Ra’s grasp. “Ahhh, an impatient one consumed with such anger. I can see why the world animal picked you, for his appetite also has filled him with rage in the past.”

“I shall paint this temple with your blood, heathen!” screamed Caiman still fighting.

“You should probably settle down,” suggested Kevin before Caiman stopped struggling.

“Perhaps we might summon our brother, The Arbiter,” commented a woman who wore a bright red crown.

“It shall be done,” said Ra.

Soon another figure with the head of a giant bird with a long neck appeared. The figure shrunk and began to shake Chris’s hand furiously. “Mister Cushing, sorry I’ve been a bit too busy running the universe to greet you and officially introduce your powers but I figured you’d get them all eventually am I right? I am aren’t I.” said the figure in one breath.

“Thoth,” started Ra “we desire your choice as to the fate of the traitor and the Caiman.”

Thoth stood there stroking his beak for a minute. “The traitor shall be sentenced to Duat to be judged for his crimes and the Caiman shall go free, as it was sent here with no ill intent.”

Chris tried to comment but found himself unable as suddenly with a loud clap, Caiman was released by Ra and both Thoth and Akenahten were gone.

“Why didn’t you say he was innocent or anything Chris!” complained Kevin.

“Mister Ra, Akenahten did not free himself and has shown no ill will. Can he please be freed from wherever he is?” pleaded Chris suddenly shaking his stupor.

“Duat,” added Caiman.

“The traitor shall be judged for his crimes justly. He sought that he might replace us,” said a figure of pure darkness.

“But he had a reason,” argued Kevin. “I mean if he got powers from following Aten, why would he question that stuff? I got powers from you and I’m just blindly following you. Mostly. Kinda. I’m a kid so…,” reasoned Kevin. “He was set up and spent thousands of years in a cell alone. And he didn’t even want revenge. Can’t you free him?”

“He speaks with more reason and passion than most,” said a snake headed woman.

Ra stared silently at Kevin and the other two. “You shall prove his innocence and your worth by traveling through Duat to free the man. If you succeed his is truly innocent. If you fail, you shall all share his fate.”

Kevin turned to Chris and asked “What’s Duat?”

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.