Pharaoh and Ibis Chapter 12

The four found themselves on the top of a large square pyramid that would have dwarfed all of New York City. The stone steps that lead down it seemed to travel into an infinite blanket of mist. Before them a man who was covered in scales and had the head of a crocodile stood proudly. At his elbows and knees, smaller mouths opened and closed. Suddenly he came alive as if he tasted a difference in the air.

“So my serrrrrrvant has captured the traitorrrrrs of the pact,” said the beast, its many mouths speaking simulateanously.

“Akenahten is innocent!” Kevin shouted, as Chris covered his mouth.

“The young one is corrrrrrrect but the crime I ssssspeak of is different. My name is Cipactli, the Flood Survivor and the Father of Man.”

“I thought that Ra was the father of dudes and stuff,” said Kevin reverting back to his child form.

“Ra is one of many fathers of man, one of many who saw and brought the flood. One of many who signed the pact which you broke.”

“I am sorry Lord Cipactli,” started Chris “but I am unaware of any pacts.”

“He means the god pact to not return, duh,” said Kevin. Chris glared at him. “Ra told me that he had some deal to stay out of the world so he pickedemcees (what?) to stop Aten since he couldn’t directly get do stuff,” he added returning to his Pharaoh form.

“So then why are we pact breakers? Don’t you have the crocodile man working for you?” inquired Chris.

“Caiman issssss my envoy but Caiman isssss also not given inherent powersssss. It is a suit.”

“So what, because we don’t need suits we are breaking a law?” asked Kevin.

“Yesssss, so your godssssss will be punished as they punissssshed Aten.”

“So why send Caiman after us?”

“Becaussssssse your presssssence allows the other godsssssss to sssssend emissssariessssss. Prepare to meet your makerssss!” and with a flash Kevin, Chris and Caiman found themselves in the desert in front of a large temple giant giant figures stared down at them.


Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.