Pharaoh and Ibis Chapter 11

The museum was empty when Chris and Kevin arrived. Cairo was unprepared for snow covered roads and a state of emergency had been declared. Lander in the meanwhile, had been sent to try and recover the Book of the Dead from Chris’s car, which was a much shorter drive than Chris and Kevin’s long flight to the museum.

Chris was lucky enough to still have his keys to the museum and the two wandered into the darkened halls. The lights clicked and sparked before flickering on and the two headed to Chris’s study.

“There are actually several copies of the Book of the Dead, but there are differences in each version based on when and why they were written.” Chris gestured down the hall only for the two to find that the office door was open. (maybe give a couple “examples”?)

Kevin whispered Ra under his breath and transformed to his Pharaoh form before opening the office door. Searching frantically through the papers was a wild looking thin man with long matted black hair.

“Halt there, criminal scum!” ordered Kevin causing the figure to look up and stumble backwards.

“Wait sir!,” it replied, collapsing into a cowering mass. Chris pushed Kevin aside and helped the figure up.

“We don’t need to hurt the guy, Kevin.”

“Call me Pharaoh, peasant winged man!”

“Kevin!” barked Chris, before turning to the mysterious man. “What is your name?”

“My name is Akenahten,” (then there should be a part where he steps into the light and describe him a little bit) “Former pharaoh and cursed undying.” Kevin and Chris looked at each other.
“So what now? Do we call the gods and arrest the guy?” asked Kevin who had started hovering around the room.

“If he were here to cause trouble, why would he be at the museum of all places?” Chris replied.

Yes, that is correct. Someone else freed me from my entombment. I simply wish to live free once more. (what?)”

“I am pretty sure I’d want revenge for that,” said Kevin crossing his arms. “And how did you get here foolish … immortal?”

“It was a figure covered in black spikes,” replied Akenahten. “He left me here and said that he would look for the Book of the Dead.” 

“And why were you digging in my office?” replied Chris.

“I was told that a Chris Cushing had a copy. I hoped to be of help to my rescuer.”

“Come on man, get a backbone,” groaned Kevin.

“Wait, did the figure in black save you from the tomb?” asked Chris, his mind whizzing.

“No, I did not see my rescuer,” explained Akenhaten. “I found the door open, the camp was on fire, and the ground was covered in something white and powdery.”

“The white stuff?” asked Kevin.

“He means the snow,” explained Chris.

“So when did the black person show up?” asked Kevin.

“We really need to find their name out,” commented Chris to himself.

“They came soon after my release. I was wandering in the desert and they grabbed me.”

“And where did they go?” asked Chris.

“They said they needed the book that you had.”

“Which means they wanted your car where Landers was heading,” exclaimed Kevin.

“And now they have returned in time to banish you monsters,” spat the black spiked figure in a low growl. He dropped an unconscious and frozen Landers on the ground.

Kevin drew his fists back ready to fight before Chris motioned for him to stop.

“Who are you?” asked Chris.

“My name is Caiman and I am the executor of justice,” replied the figure. “I was sent here by the gods to capture the traitor and those who released him. Now Cipactli, my work is completed!”

A hole opened up around the four and swallowed them up, leaving Landers on the ground alone.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.