Pharaoh and Ibis Chapter 10

Kevin shifted in his bed (where?). He remembered that his powers went away when he said Ra and reminded himself to avoid that in the future.  As he turned over, he found Chris and a blond man staring at him fiercely. Suddenly, Kevin sat up in shock, head jerking around in all directions to make sense of his unfamiliar surroundings.  
“So now, Pharaoh is it? What exactly is your… situation?” asked Chris, trying to put on a smile.
“I was picked by Ra to stop Aten” Kevin stammered. The moment Ra left his his, he (transformation process into the Pharoh)

“I don’t get why they’d pick you. You don’t seem to be very royal.”

Kevin shuffled in his seat and pouted. “You aren’t going to take me home, are you?” he asked.
“Surely you have parents, or someone who loves you? They probably miss you. I’ll send you back home, kid.”
“My name’s Kevin.” said the boy pulling his legs close to his body. “My parents died a while ago.” He looked off into the distance over his knees. “But I don’t need ’em. I can take care of myself specially with these powers,”
“I don’t know. Personally I want to get back to normal and find what happened to my friends at the site.”

“Why don’t you want awesome flying wings?” asked Kevin dejectedly. “Wings are cool!”

“They are pretty bogan wings,” commented Landers. Chris glared at Landers.

“I can’t have them. I’d get dissected by scientists. I can’t sleep right. It’s weird,” replied Chris.

“Well, when I talked to Ra, he said you had to take care of me,” replied Kevin reverting to a kid once again.

“Okay. For the time being I’ll watch you so we can solve this Aten thing. Your powers can help but be careful. Watch what you say and try not to destroy more stuff. Then after that, hopefully we can get back to normal.”

“So what now?” asked Landers.

“Now Kevin and I are going to the museum. They have another copy of the Book of the Dead and hopefully some answers.”

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.