No Enemy But Peace Launches Kickstarter

Professional animator and cartoonist, Richard C. Meyer,  is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming graphic novel “No Enemy, But Peace” about the heroics he witnessed in Iraq from other Marines. His plans for the Kickstarter include adding digital coloring and paying the original artist for additional pages, including redrawing Meyer’s original pages.

Find out more and see some art below.

For the sake of comparison here’s one of Meyer’s:

Original No Enemy But Peace illustration by Richard Meyer

The original artist Martin Montiel Luna as described by Meyer,

“brought not only an amazing amount of technical skill and artistry, but also the uncanny ability to imagine how the battlefield actually looked. We didn’t have time to take pictures in the heat of combat, but Martin’s art has been eerily accurate”

as illustrated below.

Original No Enemy But Peace illustration by Martin Montiel Luna

The graphic novel, based on the true story of a new marine struggling to rally his squad when their squad leader is injured, took Meyer over 5 years to finally complete. When asked about why he chose to tell the story in the medium of comics, he said, “When you see real-life superheroics, what medium is better than comic books?”

If interested, you can contribute to his kickstarter here. Meyer additionally has a 100 page true story graphic novel about marines in Korea called “Hold the Line.”

Hold The Line Illustration 3

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