Nerdcenaries Podcast – Episode 1: Origin Stories

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Hit the jump to see show notes for the Podcast, written by Ziah.

0:01- Introductions are made.

0:08- Introductions are clarified.

0:14- Luke and Ari discuss how they thought I was a lady.

0:29– Ziah is a jerk to you, the listener, as we finally remember the point.


0:58- So did Ari! Who are these people?

1:22- Luke cuts me off when I mention Tarantino to talk about Orson Scott Card and makes me out to be a jerk. (not untrue)

1:45- Ziah gets thrown, and probably should have mentioned Roman Polanski here, instead of falling back on ol’ Byrne.

2:02- Luke makes the worst joke.

2:25- We remember the point.

3:03- Luke reveals the first comic he really got into. It’s this guy.

3:25- Luke name drops Rachel Edidin like a champ.


4:50- Ziah’s first comic that he remembers reading. Here it is. It’s actually pretty good!

5:15- The sound quality gets a little buggy, but Ziah doesn’t say anything important. We’re figuring things out!

5:45- Ari’s first comic was this one.

6:33- Then it was this.

7:20- No name dropping from Luke here, all business, best get out some cards, son.

7:49- Luke tells my absolute favorite comic shop story I’ve ever heard from a person I’ve met.

8:45- Hulk always love Perogi.

9:19- “I hate reading!”

10:20- Here is some context. Arielle hates reading comics before they were colored digitally.

10:30- Ari’s “dark”  Power Pack pitch. WAS IT TOO DARK FOR THE MODERN WORLD? YOU DECIDE!

11:00- Ziah forgets that there are other adjectives you can use besides “dark”.

11:03- Ari straight up drops a “you just didn’t get it” on me.

11:44- It was aaaalll Gail Simone’s fault.

12:40- “Too be fair, it’s both male and female booties. Let’s give props.”

13:20- Ari’s article that led her to her eventual stardom here at Nerdcenaries.

14:40– Ziah is lazy. Fucking surprise.

15:00- Comics are great.

15:37- Ah, young love. I’ll get this story out of Luke some day.

16:30- The origin of this site? “Just in case my parents asked me to do something.”

And that’s it. Thoughts? We’ll work on the background static, and have a more… purposeful show next time. Let us know in the comments section if there’s something you want us to focus on or work on for next time.


Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.