Nerdcenaries has the scoop! Superior Spider-Man revealed!

In a shocking turn of events, online-embedded Nerdcenaries writer, Ziah Grace, has gotten some breaking news on the identity of the new Spider-Man set to debut in January’s Superior Spider-Man #1. The identity is under the cut, and SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. 

It's a pun!
C’mon guys. Listen to the fan-favorite blonde girl. We don’t have enough of those. (Also, quick aside, I am shocked, SHOCKED, that I used this joke/picture before fellow writer, Arielle.

The identity of the Superior Spider-Man has been revealed by writer, Latin expert, and Catholic Conspiracy-Buster, Benito Cereno in this recent tweet on Twitter.

For those few individuals who aren’t familiar with fan-favorite Hobie Brown, AKA The Prowler, he is one of Spider-Man’s most popular supporting characters, with a rich and interesting history, so long as we only count the Stan Lee/John Buscema issues.

First introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #78, Hobie Brown was created as a kind of mirror-image to Peter Parker, both brilliant but angry young men in situations where they couldn’t reach their full-potential. Unfortunately, Hobie had neither an Uncle Ben nor an irradiated spider, mystic totem pole spirit animal, irradiated spider to give him superpowers, and briefly turned to a life of crime. Spidey beat him, but recognizing a chance to save Hobie’s future, he let him go and urged him to put his intellect to work.

Everyone here at Nerdcenaries, especially Ziah, are very much looking forward to the new series, and it’s good to see The Prowler in print once again! Thanks to Benito Cereno for the scoop.

Ziah Grace

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