My Own Brand Of Justice League by Luke Herr

My Own Brand of Justice League

I’ve been looking for a new theme for Nerdcenaries since we did Vertigo Zombies almost a year ago. Luckily for me the new Justice League of America team was announced and it did nothing for me – or a lot of people. So instead of just complaining I decided to invite the Nerdcenaries team members, friends and people we admire to pitch their own teams.

For my team, I got on current collaborator James Lloyd on art duties (We have a Kickstarter for a mini you’ll be able to get later) and I set about constructing a new Justice League.

I like to think that superhero teams should do more than punch out villains. I wanted to assemble a different team – a force for keeping the peace and bringing balance to the world. To do this I brought in representatives of the different worlds and elements and hopefully they might be able to fix the world – unless they destroy it.

The Setting

The Justice League takes place in this alternate universe where there were freelance superheroes, vigilantes like Batman but eventually there was this need for bringing together a bigger force together that had some kind of authority. The UN Metahuman Taskforce was the first force which was lead by Iron Munro who was not only the first superhero but he was also the first hero to publicly reveal his identity. When that team was unable to interact in Khandaq due to UN rules, Munro left after seeing civilians slaughtered while he was forced to wait for permission. Afterwards Munro tried leading a covert ops superhero group until the Martian Invasion happened. The unorganized Earth heroes were summarily defeated – the Flash family was killed, the Marvels were destroyed and Earth’s governments were shattered. Munro realized that Earth needed a new team – a public team that would work to solve bigger problems like alien invasions along with more mundane problems like food shortages and flooding.

The Justice League is unaligned with other countries on any official level to serve as problem solvers and intermediary agents when needed. It is a privately financed by it’s members who have been publicly revealed and it is recognized by the world, or enough of it, as a separate agency of balance. When possible they follow laws and sanctions but in cases of dire need, the team will operate as purely free agents sending in the Metal Men who aren’t technically classified as humans or weapons making their use free from sanctions by the UN. The League also works as a safeguard to peaceful travelers including spirits, demons, angels, aliens and others, granting a home to those in need. The team currently orbits Earth in their satellite keeping watch while holding several embassies across the globe.

 The Team

Iron Munro

Iron Munro –

The first metahuman who was scientifically granted super strength and durability, Arnold “Iron” Munro is the face of the Justice League who is the liaison between team members. Formerly the owner of Munro Steel, Munro sold the company to LexCorp and used the funds to begin the Justice League. While he understands the dangers of his team members, he believes that working together will inspire them to greater things. Munro holds himself and his team members to high standards. Iron married his college sweetheart and former heroine, the Phantom Lady, Sandra Munro nee Knight, who lives with him on the ship.

Dr Choi

Dr. Ryan Choi –

The 19 year old superatomic physicist, Choi has devoted his life to using superscience to solve problems such as starvation instead of focusing on crime fighting. Choi graduated college when he was 14, achieving a degree in submicrobiology. Due to an early molecular accident though, Choi’s atomic structure is in flux forcing him to wear a suit that keeps in a stable size. Choi believes in working hard to solve problems and has issues with magic users and nature connected members of team giving him a large chip on his shoulder, especially towards Zatanna. Luckily Choi has found a confidant in Megan Munro, Iron Munro’s granddaughter – though she knows of his darker nature and deeper fury and fears him finding out about her true identity.

John Pasi

John Pasi –

Ex-LexCorp employee and former weapons tester, Pasi was fired for refusing to finish a new ion cannon which worked as a way to permanently disable electronic devices in a limited area out of fear that the cannon might be stolen or used against civilians on purpose. Subsequently his wife divorced him (which was a long time coming), he’s being sued by Luthor for breaking his contract, and his daughter has started to resent him for doing what is right. Luckily Munro saw Pasi’s work, was impressed and was able to bail him out of the legal trouble. John and his daughter Natasha then were moved to the Justice League satellite where John is struggling with his new job – repairing and maintaining the Metal Men knowing that they will continuously die, while also trying to connect to his daughter who resents being brought along. (Side note: Pasi is Swahili for “Iron” which adds more to the character than giving him the horrible name John Henry Irons)

Ted Knight

Ted Knight –

Cousin of Iron Munro’s wife Sandra Munro, Ted made a name for himself as Starman, the wielder of cosmic energy. When he was younger, Ted sought to solely use his inventions for fame and fun.  Tragedy struck though when Lord Shadow callously killed his wife. At that point 30 year ago Ted lost his youthful energy and began to find practical uses for his technology resigning as Starman. His most valuable invention since then has been the cosmic engine that  now powers the Justice League satellite. Ted now mostly wanders through the halls of the satellite remembering the past while working on something secret, mostly keeping himself locked into his lab – though he seems to have an interest in Zatanna’s magical library and working on a new cosmic powered invention.

Shiera Hall

Shiera Hall –

Shiera was originally sent as the Thanagarian science ambassador to gift Earth with Thanagarian technology as part of a trick. When Earth completely depended on the technology to survive, Hall would summon the Thanagarian army to arrive and subsequently shut down all of the technology with a built in kill switch. Because Hall was sent on this mission unwillingly as a political dissident, she revealed the plan to Munro who now has her acting as a double agent helping Earth to prepare if Thanagar checks up on her. Now Shiera’s main research focuses on the Nth metal, a mysterious ore found in space that interacts differently based on a number of factors from atmosphere composition, time of the day and even emotion of the wielder. While Shiera’s studies take up much of the day her interest in Earth movies, particularly Ingmar Bergman and Akira Kurosawa, causing a crisis of faith with her own relationship to the people of Thanagar. She can sense the unease based on hear appearance which puts her at odds with most members of the league other than Barda, Scott and  Ellen Baker.

Dr. Mangus

Dr. Will Magnus –

Genius creator of the Metal Men and the technology that allowed them to become free thinking creations. Magnus was the student of Dr. T.O. Morrow until he grew learned of his teacher’s illegal actions. After seeing Morrow attempting to use technology for evil, Magnus altered the authorities and dedicated himself to fighting for righteousness and justice. Soon though, Magnus found his life slipping out of his hands as he became so caught up he had started forgetting to eat and sleep before he attacked his own creations due to his sleep deprivation. Upon hearing about Munro’s Justice League, the Metal Men sent their creator to Munro where the Magnus, who never actually earned his doctorate, now resides under careful watch while continuing to service and invent new ways of helping the Metal Men. His eccentric ways and odd habits have a way of alienating other members of the League but since his Metal Men are a crux of the team they put up with him.



Zatanna Zatarra –

Zatanna is a famous stage magician who was hired by Munro to act as another face for the Justice League. Her strong personality and general likeability have helped to endear her to the public and build trust for the League. Unfortunately Zatanna dedicates a large portion of her time to her work and family and she typically stays away from the satellite. This has caused resentment and questioning on whether or not she is actually doing her duties as a member of the team. Zatanna typically doesn’t worry about these issues but they are becoming harder for her to ignore.

Pamela Isely

Pamela Isely –

Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isely was released from Arkham Asylum to work as a consultant with the Green, the force of plants of the Earth. Prior to this the former supervillain worked as an eco terrorist attempting to remove humanity from the planet so plants would rule. Isley was pardoned and released on the terms that she would maintain a connection to the Green for Munro along with satellite gardens – a lush mile long forested area that provides the ship with fresh oxygen and carbon dioxide recycling. Unfortunately her distance from the Earth’s green has caused her to inadvertently create a new Green, connected directly to the satellite giving her complete control over the plants – and the lives of everyone on board.


Buddy Baker

Buddy Baker –

Buddy started off as Animal Lad, a celebrity superhero during his teenage years where his animal powers from a connection to the Red made him popular. He never really got into the Red though. When Buddy turned 20 he married Ellen and had two children, Cliff and Maxine, who are now 14 and 8. While fame had been satisfying, Buddy wanted to free his family from the media scrutiny and agreed to work with Munro as a force connected to the Red. Without the media and constant heroic duties Buddy is attempting to reconnect with his family who’d been distant from him while also trying to stay connected to the Earth’s Red which is becoming more and more difficult for him to do.


Mister Miracle and Big Barda

Big Barda and Scott Free

Big Barda – The former leader of Female Furies from Apokolips, Barda exists as the go to consultant for Apokoliptian technology and interlopers that are becoming more and more common on Earth. While her husband serves as the emissary, her action on the team is only due to Scott’s promise that she’s free to do as she will – and with her brash attitude she’s clashed with most other members of the ship’s crew. Barda particularly has issues with Munro who she feels has not earned her respect or ability to lead, particularly because she knows about his deal with Ra’s and the dangers that poses.

Scott Free – Mister Miracle and the emissary to the planet of New Genesis, Scott would prefer to spend more time on Earth but his higher calling of serving the Justice League takes precedence.


Megan Munro

Megan Munro –

Megan assisted the Earth and Munro’s secret task force during the Martian Invasion where she fought against her own kind. Megan now poses as the 19 year old orphaned granddaughter of Iron Munro. Her main duty is providing mental surveillance on the rest of the League for Ra’s, something with Megan would rather not do believing it to be invasive and untrusting. Ra’s forces her to do it though with the knowledge that the Martian heritage would turn the League against her immediately. Despite this she does her best to keep a cheerful demeanor that has given her a friendship with Ellen Baker.

Ra's Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul –

The former international terrorist who strove for ecobalance, Munro approached Ra’s offering him amnesty for his crimes and a promise. Ra’s would be given power over the powers of the world – but Ra’s must prove himself to be a better man by not being corrupted with it. If Ra’s could resist killing the unworthy – he’ll prove that he is greater than humanity but if he turns out to be evil, then he’d be no better than those he’d destroyed – leaving him in a conundrum. At this point in his career Ra’s has been alive for ages but the Lazarus Pits which restore his life have also affected his memory causing him to forget some of his past actions. While Ra’s is going along with the experiment, there is no promise that he will continue working for Munro and which makes him a time bomb. His appearance on the team would be shrouded at first considering his status as a terrorist and would cause contention between team members and he is the one member Munro is keeping off the books.

 And The Others!

The Metal Men – Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Platinum and Tin – the Metal Men of Magnus Labs are the active force for the Justice League descending into danger and facing the threats. Due to their sentient nature and robotic origin they are classified as technology instead of weapons or people allowing them to be deployed without causing international incidents that would come if they were troops or weapons.

Natasha Pasi – High school senior and daughter of John Pasi, Natasha wants to make her own name as a hero and has been working on her own to create a suit of armor so she can join the Justice League using Nth metal technologies. She has some interest in Ryan but has found him to be too self obsessed and hateful to actually get in a relationship.

Sandra Knight – The former Phantom Lady and wife of Iron Munro of over 50 years, Sandra moved onto the ship willingly and enjoys recounting her tales to those who’ll listen while working on her memoirs. She worries about her cousin Ted and his secret project that is eating up his time.

Ellen Baker – The wife of Buddy Baker and former teacher, Ellen isn’t overly happy about Buddy moving the family into space despite his positive intentions. Ellen now spends a good deal of her time watching movies with Shiera and Megan when she isn’t working in the kitchen as a member of the staff.

Cliff Baker – Buddy’s 14 year old son who has taken an interest in the always nude Pamela Isely much to his parent’s chagrin.

Maxine Baker – Maxine plays by herself on the ship a lot of the time, talking to a friend who may not be imaginary.

Justice League Satellite

Also on the ship is a crew of 100 other employees ranging from janitors to chefs to teleportation technicians that were all selected by Munro.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.