My Own Brand Of Justice League by Kyle Starks (Comic)

For Justice League week, we got Kyle Starks to do a comic that is fantastic and huge and… it makes me feel emotions. Check it out after the jump!

Justice League Teamup by Kyle Starks

Kyle Starks is the creator of two awesome webcomics, Ricky Thunder and the current Adventure Wizard.

If you’d like to see who is on the team they are hidden below.

Uncle Sam
Blue Devil
Stephanie Brown 
Elongated Man’s Ghost
GI Robot
Artemis of Bana-Mighdall 
Jakeem Thunder
Rex, The Wonder Dog
top two speakers are Rip Hunter and Dr. Niles Caulder who would be two of the premier science minds left on the planet after the New 52 purge.  

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.