My Own Brand of Justice League By Jon Hex

Recently, DC released his image of Geoff Johns and David Finch’s JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA:

Weapons, weapons, weapons
Do you like diversity…and violence?

This is the U.S. government version of the Justice League, not to be confused with the U.N. version, Justice League International. The first thing that becomes one likely notices is that half of this team are non-powered weapon-wielding human beings. ¬†Also Catwoman can’t work a zipper. Brought together by some combination of individual need and/or blackmail, this is a team bought together to get results and represent America. Kind of like a parody of the Justice League written by the guy who writes JUSTICE LEAGUE which has become almost parody. Whoo, head rush.

Seeing this most uninteresting League has inspired Head Nerdcenary Herr to issue an assignment: put together a Justice League team.

I’ve spent much time in various conversations and in my head putting together Avengers teams. The Avengers works more along the lines of “any hero can be an Avenger” so picking out teams is more along the lines of which hero fills out the needed specialty to your liking. The Justice League is meant to be the most powerful team in the DCU. It’s becomes more “which two guys would you put next to the Big Seven: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.” Most attempts to shall we say “Avengerize” the League leads to JL Detroit

Such promise. Wait, Gypsy? Nevermind., Robinson’s substitute League of Titans

, and good God, the League boasting Nuklon, Obsidian, and Blue DevilForgot about hairy chest Hawkman..

I decided that for my version of the Justice League I would put together a team of heroes who balance worldwide recognition along with power and effectiveness. I want to keep a kind of legitimacy to the League but create some new dynamics and showcase heroes I think could benefit from the JUSTICE LEAGUE banner. I’m not overly concerned by what continuity this team would exist in. I have some ideas of what their personalities would be like, some costume preferences, but mainly this is just how I would come in and do it.

Superman and Wonder Woman

First up are the no-brainers: Superman

and Wonder Woman


These two are here to bring the two things the League should always have: power and recognition. To me, anyone standing with these two together are the Justice League. There’s a confidence that’s needed to stand with these two that makes them always the front runners. I picked a Wonder Woman redesign by Jordan Gibson that I found very appealing and very heroic. I like Wonder Woman wearing a cape and the suit’s Ancient Greek accents aren’t overbearing. I would only have her using the Lasso of Truth because regularly wielding a sword diminishes her to me. She doesn’t need extra weapons.

I kind of thought Superman should be somewhere between the current run of ACTION COMICS and ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. He’d be the strongest on Earth, but the bar wouldn’t be constantly raised. I like the idea he’d be gung ho for saving people that needed help anywhere but have the experience needed to assess the best way to help. I’m very against the New 52 suit, so no New 52 suit.

No, they would not be dating.

Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin

Next would be Batman

Bruce Wayne would be crazy busy setting up Batman, Inc. and beating up Owls. Most of his Justice League appearances show how difficult it is for Batman to work with a group who aren’t subordinates and how quick he is to leave if the League is doing enough in his opinion. Dick Grayson would be the prefect Batman for the League. He has more than enough experience leading a team of people way more powerful than himself and is well-liked by everyone. He brings near the same level of awesomeness of Batman without being burdened with Bruce’s brusqueness. Having grown up in this life with the Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) as his mentors, Grayson would be quick to show he can hold his own but not really be in awe of people he’s had casual dinners with. He would have to be in the Batman costume because people would be expecting Batman to be with the League and there should always be a Batman in the Justice League. Also, he would bring Damian

along sometimes to get him used to being around superpowered allies.

Wally West Flash

I like Wally 6,000x more than Barry Allen. Hands down, his story is more interesting and his personality is existent. Wally would be bringing the Waid era superspeed. I don’t know if I’d bring the kids back, but Linda is definitely his wife. Wally and Dick would be in sync all the time, making it a challenge for them to work with the other members who aren’t in their bond. He’s not quite the class clown he used to be and maybe tries to play to his old role occasionally.


Formerly of the Authority, Swift has not (that I have seen) been introduced into the DC continuity. But those characters are now a big part of the DCU so I figure I can use her for this team. With flight, superspeed, a kind of “air radar,” enhanced strength, senses and durability, Swift makes for a formidable hero who was quite deadly in THE AUTHORITY. Of course, she won’t be killing if brought into the League but she could still fill the place usually reserved for Hawkman as the flying bruiser.

Jason Blood/ The Demon Etrigan

Magic is a problem is that’s best to plan for early. Blood will act as a magic consultant, changing into the Demon only when crap hits the fan. Being immortal and a former knight, Blood can mix it up physically if the situation calls for it. The Demon would make infrequent appearances.

Star Sapphire – Carol Ferris

It is readily apparent that Green Lanterns work really well as space cops. More than likely, they only come to Earth when it is threatened then immediately go back into space. I see no reason to tether a Green Lantern needlessly to Earth when there already is a ringbearer who has experience and an actual life on Earth. Ferris has been a Sapphire for many years and while she’s only recently been able to use the ring without being controlled, I think she can bring something new to the League. Her time being controlled by the Zamarons gives her a perspective on how normal people get dragged into these superhuman conflicts that the others wouldn’t have. She’d be quicker to secure civilians than to punch the villains.

Big Barda & Mister Miracle

Barda has physical power and the Mega Rod for energy projection. Miracle has escape abilities and tools for stealth and infiltration. I love their relationship and just want them part of the team, trying to get everyone together for regular outings outside of emergencies. Miracle would volunteer to take Robin on missions because if there is any kid that can convince Barda to have children, it’s Damian Wayne.


And lastly would be Static.

Static should be one of those rare teen heroes who’s shown as competent with their powers, not really in need of training. No one would put Spider-Man on a junior Avengers team or Power Pack and Static should be the Spider-Man of DC. Static has a firm grasp of what his powers can do and has already mastered many applications of his powers. He’s on the team because they see him as the future of the League. He’s learning about being a role model, handling situations with diplomacy, and dealing with crisis level events. Static’s other costumes range from bland to turrible, so I chose his geektastic original until someone designs something better.

Here is my 12 member version of the Justice League. I think there is enough diversification of abilities to make them effective against any threat.