My Brand of Justice League by Niel Jacoby

Justice League Interstellar – Niel Jacoby

The Justice League has changed with the times. They’ve gone from a Hall of Justice, to a Satellite, to a Space Station. They’ve expanded from just the Justice League of America, to the Justice League International, to the Justice League Interstellar.

Yes, the Justice League have decided, after Earth’s first diplomatic experience with an alien civilization (the Rannians contacted Earth in pursuit of a trade agreement), that a group dedicated to promoting peace and unity by its nature should not confine its outlook to just one planet and the Justice League has expanded to involve and interact with not just Earth, but the universe. Read as this fledgling group works through the challenges posed by interstellar dictators and planetary civil wars by doing their best to expand and recruit heroes from all worlds, to make the Justice League a truly universal symbol of cooperation in pursuit of a better universe for everyone. The team starts out small at first, but they plan to take on new members as other planets join the alliance.

The team at its inception:

Martian Manhunter: He’s never really felt he’s had all that much of a place outside the Justice League, so when it came time to put together the first interstellar Justice League group, he was the first to apply. He fulfills most of the day-to-day functionary tasks that keeps the behind-the scenes going, and is the chairman of the League in its current form.

Tom Tresser, UN Advisor: As part of the terms on which the UN approved the plan to take the League interstellar, Tom was taken on as the official representative of Earth’s interests. There’s a definite suspicion among the team that he might be representing shadier interests, but that doesn’t play that much of a role at first. He’s much more dialed-back than the rest of the team, almost a cipher.

Guy Gardner: Guy is the Green Lantern Corps’ representative on the team, as any group that widened its scope enough would eventually face Green Lantern scrutiny. He doesn’t quite appreciate being put on another Justice League, after his experiences the first time, and relishes the more disruptive ways he can exercise his power.

Big Barda: While Scott Free is happy to live as an escape artist on Earth, Barda feels caged by the mundanity of Earth life, and the Justice League seemed like a perfect opportunity. They keep in touch over the communicator, but homesickness does set in over time.

Metamorpho: He’s there in more of a scientific capacity, as when you’re doing stuff like arbitrating planetary disputes, it’s pretty useful to have a dude who can literally create any element, and as is shown by his time in the Justice League Europe as well as his days as an explorer, he’s eager to learn about new cultures. He’s also been somewhat isolated, and has to deal with realizing the universe is larger than he thought.

Adam Strange: He recognizes the scientific possibilities of the League, and specifically asked to be on the team because of those research opportunities. Represents the Rannian people, and the main reason the Thanagarians are more loath to join than they would be otherwise. He’d be a more brain than brawn guy, sort of like how Batman is when he’s used right in JL stories.

People introduced in the first few storylines:

Global Peace Agent: Sent through time to help guide the JLI through the tough times of their formation, after the first storyline. He is, of course, faceless to hide his identity so that the GPA can better represent all citizens. He doesn’t play much of an interventionary role in League affairs, but more of an ombudsman role, a sort of ethical guidance in this still-starting League.

Hawkwoman: Shiera Hol, Thanagarian warrior, begrudgingly joins the JLI in the middle of the first storyline, where the JLI averts the mutually assured destruction of Rann and Thanagar. She and Strange are a constant source of strife within the League, but since their different strengths complement each other, they’re always paired together. Contrary to buddy-cop flick discipline, this does not bring them closer together.

Superman: Checks in from time to time, because he admires the League’s ideals, even if he feels more comfortable acting alone or in small groups than acting as part of a larger entity. He does do some ambassadorial work once in a while, though.

There’d be some expansion of the current, somewhat smaller DC cosmic scene, with new heroes added to the league with that expansion.

Note: There was originally going to be some art to go with this, but due to schedule constraints, the art was not ready at press time. When the art is ready, it will be added to the post.