Marvel Doesn’t Announce Squirrel Girl Vs The Marvel Universe

Today Marvel continued to focus on telling the same stories over and over against instead of creating the best possible series Squirrel Girl Vs The Marvel Universe. The series which would be great if it was written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Juan Bobillo, the team from Slott’s run on She Hulk was not even thought of. What could be a fantastic spoof and end piece on Marvel’s most powerful character was ignored to give Spider-man and the X-men more stories. Instead of creating a piece parodying their own works like Punisher/Deadpool/Wolverine vs The Marvel Universe they took a break.

The series which would presumably start with Galactus once again threatening the Earth was not pitched between the various writers and editors. Instead of talking about Squirrel Girl refusing to become Galactus’ minion they presumably talking about Bendis needing more titles. While talking about Squirrel Girl turning Galactus into one of her squirrels would have been a much brighter conversation piece, talks about a new darker superhero event were discussed instead.

I guess what I am saying is Marvel should do a book about Squirrel Girl defeating the Marvel Universe that isn’t just pages of bloody deaths and violence.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.