Knuckleheads #4 Review: Hangover Cure


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Written by Brian Winkeler
Art by Robert Wilson IV
Colors by Jordan Boyd
Letters by Thomas Mauer

As a fan of horrible breakfasts, I can empathize with Trevor in the newest issue of Knuckleheads which overall, I enjoyed more than the first three, which is always a good sign. If you recall, he said casually linking back that earlier article, the first arc of issues was good but it felt tied to the past, like it was just telling the first story over again to get it done with, needed some more splash and action. And here we get less action but we get a whole bunch of splash along with a side order of heart disease in about 20 years if we don’t start exercising more and eating better.

I’m a person who enjoys eating poorly and bringing friends along for the ride. I mean when I am up late with friends White Castle and Rally’s are destinations instead of last options. I took a date to Waffle House out of our mutual interest in eating there. So I can understand the mentality behind getting breakfast, especially a deadly one, just after fighting Off-Zilla, the Off-Brand Godzilla.

We get introduced to the characters more – half the cast gets names and we find out a bit more about them all, which was really the direction the comic needed. If you’re going to have an interesting cast, let them be interesting and grow up.

The book does drop the hook for the next issue which does bring up my occasional small issue qualm with the MonekyBrain digital format which is I wish we got to get more out of each issue. If a story can feel long enough like Edison Rex can with a single issue that is fantastic but here I wanted another page or two of story in the issue right now. We have another few weeks till the next issue and that wait is going to be hard (so kudos for making me want more!).

Artistically the team is still on point. Boyd’s job with the colors does an expert job building the scenery and works well with Wilson’s art, who minus a few sketchy moments, does a solid job bringing life to the panels.

Additionally included in the new issue is the bonus lost comic from the original Knuckleheads series and a bonus pinup. Personally I could dig seeing more of the alt universe Trevor as well (or perhaps that should be future Trevor).

So yeah, pick up Knuckleheads #4, a better hangover cure than a crystal fisting.

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Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.