DC Comics made some headlines last week when they announced they would be ending their long running Vertigo title HELLBLAZER to be relaunched as CONSTANTINE, a more superhero friendly DCU set series starring the titular mage. If Jeff Lemire’s twitter is to be believed, they’re about to set comments sections aflame again.

A Tale of Two Jeffs


The image Lemire tweeted?


Walk The Line

“I’ve always wanted to write Preacher, to be honest,” Lemire later said to Newsarama.

It appears Jesse will be joining Deadman, John Constantine, Zatanna, and other DC characters who’d be better off in another title altogether next month, with JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: ANNUAL #2, featuring guest art from original PREACHER artist Steve Dillion, who, allegedly, has a summer home to pay off.

Lemire was pressed for further details about this development, but was unable to respond, as he was in the middle of watching a screener episode of The CW’s ARROW.

In related news, PREACHER writer Garth Ennis is believed to be at large in the continental United States, and is believed to be both armed and dangerous.