IDW Announces 4 New Series Over Easter Weekend

Comic, TV, trading cards, indie art and pulp fans rejoice because the swell folks at Idea + Design Works have a bunch of comics that are sure to knock your corporately owned property printed socks off! Over the fine weekend IDW didn’t just announce a Rocketeer and Spirit crossover by Mark Waid. They didn’t just announce a Jim Mahfood collection. They didn’t just mention a Dinosaurs Attack comic series. They also announced a Black Dynamite series – and if that isn’t better than the return of our Lord and Savior, well let me tell you that you are obviously some kind of heartless hate beast that will suffer in the pits of hell!

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The Rocketeer/Spirit: Pulp Friction comic promises “four-issue series” which is something that has numbers on it and a definite end which is perfect for people who fear the concept of eternity! These companies are “pleased to…write…good” according to the press release that came with an image. The press release also promises “murder…dose” which sounds like the pep and zip comics need these days.


For those looking for something “overdue” and “massive” and “from the last five years” look no further than Visual Funk: Jim Mahfood Art! The book will collect a “wide range of work itself” possibly as some kind of sentient e-book. According to Mahfood in the press release “We’ve put a lot of tender loving care into this book and I think people’s senses will be stimulated in all the right ways.”  Sounds like someone wants to make people believe his sentient e-book wont kill millions when it becomes self aware!


For those looking for something calm and safe run away because Dinosaurs Attack! promises “ferocious and terrifying mayhem” from “1988” when dinosaurs famously took over. It promises “gnashing teeth…to comics fans.” This will start in July and also “we celebrate its 25th birthday!” according to the IDW spokesperson. “…is a tribute to …DOCTOR WHO”. Sounds like fans know what to expect!


And for fans of the cult smash movie and TV show Black Dynamite – “ass kicking!” “Be warned: something bad… this way comes!”


Now you know what IDW announced this week.

Prepare next week when all of these series cross over to fight robots or zombies or tribbles or something like that. Have they done dragons? Dragons would work. Get on that IDW.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.