Heroes Con 2012 Report: The Ghost Rider Sketchbook

The Dream of Ghost Rider

Our editor in chief Luke started with a simple idea – Batroc the Leaper would be amazing as Ghost Rider and thus started the Ghost Rider sketchbook this year at Heroes Con. The convention is a pretty amazing place to get sketches because of the fact that there is a variety of artists with different styles. Overall about $40 or so was spent on the sketchbook art. Not bad for the first year – and remember just because they haven’t made it big yet doesn’t mean they aren’t great at drawing.

Ghost Bat-girl by Jordan Witt http://www.52nddoor.com/

Check out more after the link!

Ghost Rider Catwoman #0 by Joe Hunter http://ghostbucket.com/

Ghost Rider Batman by Chris Sims http://www.the-isb.com/

Ghost Rider Dex-Starr vy Lee Bretschneider http://www.adventuringcompany.com/

Batroc Ze Ghost Leaper by Jojo Seames http://deadsquirrelcomics.com/

Fun fact: Jojo came up with Batroc Ze Ghost Leaper on her own.
MODOGR by Patrick Dean http://patrickdeancomics.blogspot.com/

Fin Fang Foom Ghost Rider by Patrick Dean http://patrickdeancomics.blogspot.com/

The Best Ghost Rider Show at WFMU by Catie Monster http://catiemonstro.us/

Ghost Rider Johann Kraus by Benjamin Birdie http://benjaminbirdie.tumblr.com/

Ghoststorm by Chad Bowers http://multiversitycomics.com/author/cbowers/

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.