Hard Rock Hotel Vanishes After MorrisonCon Massturbation

In the orgasmic throws of the ending ceremony of the first MorrisonCon, the entire Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas vanished. Police reports that at exactly 1 am Monday, the entire Hard Rock Hotel and all of those inside the hotel promptly vanished. MorrisonCon, which at the time was holding a seminar called the MassTurbation seems to be linked to the disappearance. The MassTurbation was according to the website “a late night mass celebration built towards permanently bringing in a new Golden Age through group self pleasuring.”

Previously, Grant Morrison, famed author and occultist had successfully used group masturbation to continue his series The Invisibles. The plan was to make a more focused event that would bring the Golden Age, a decade where mankind would come together and put the mass of society together as one spiritually connected entity.

Currently, police and other law enforcement members are still baffled by the disappearance which caused the Hard Rock Hotel and it’s foundations to cleanly sever from the Las Vegas Strip. Included in the missing parties are the members of My Chemical Romance, Jim Lee, Akira the Don and numerous other comic and music celebrities.

At this time, the only video of the actual event comes from a Vimeo livestream that had been taped at the time. Moments before the disappearance, Morrison was levitated into the air, spoke with the voice of everyone in the world singing a still unparsed song before causing a complete 10 second silence. The walls of the building then turning pure white and then the stream disconnected.

While police are unsure of what to do after the MorrisonCon disappearance, this event is still smaller than when John Byrne caused the entire city of New Seattle, Washington to vanish into the aether for 9 month after New Seattle Comic Con.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.