Email Reveals Lost Batman Brave and the Bold Episodes

A recently leaked email revealed the plans for the second half of season 3 of the critic and fan acclaimed Batman Brave and the Bold which were not produced for unknown reasons! More news as it comes!

1 – No Sleep For The Sandman!
Teaser: After a battle with The Mist Batman teams up with Starman (Jack Knight) to sort his store before it is judged.
Main Plot: Sandman (Wesley Dodds) and Batman team up to stop his old partner Sandy, who seeks to put all of the world to sleep.

2 – Plight of the Stars!
Teaser: Batman and Claw the Unconquered fight a giant dinosaur made out of ice created by Killer Frost
Main Plot: Batman teams up with Vixen who is dealing with the loss of B’wana Beast as they fight the evil Starman.

3 – Theft of the Jungle Gems!
Teaser: Batman and Aquaman find themselves forced to fight each other by the Robot Lords of Clocktown controlled by the Brain.
Main Plot: Batman and Starman try to hunt down the monsters being summoned by Felix Faust in the jungle who also captured his father.

4 – Greed of the Orange Lantern!
Teaser: A mysterious orange meteor crashes to Earth, when Batman is called he finds Lar’fleeze
Main Plot: Batman has to watch after Lar’fleeze who wants all of the glory for himself so Batman eventually tricks him into going to other planets to get his own glory.

5 – The Stretched Caper!
Teaser: Batman and Batlash find themselves in a heap of trouble when Quentin Turnbull sets a stampede against them.
Main Plot: Batman is stuck to Plastic Man when they are his with a heat attack by Volcana and must learn to work as one until the dissolving solution Batman made will be ready.

6 – When The Doctor Rings!
Teaser: A mysterious flower painted bus crashes into the Louvre museum and a team of figures in black (The Brotherhood of Dada) steal a painting.
Main Plot: Batman and Doctor Mid-Night have to help the rest of the Justice Society of America when Kobra poisons them. Batman would prefer to be punching villains.

7 – Bats of the Swamp!
Teaser: When Clark Kent/Superman tries to find out what is causing such a big crowd outside of the Daily Planet, the revealing of a painting causes all of Metropolis to vanish.
Main Plot: Batman must team up with Swamp Thing to stop the Floronic Man and Poison Ivy from mutating all of the plants in the world.

8 – Enlisted and Encoded!
Teaser: Batman and Superman must team up in space to fight Solaris, the Anti-Sun who Batman defeats when he finds out it is a computer.
Main Plot: Batman is enlisted for help by GI Robot when they find Gorilla Grodd creating an army of robo-gorillas.

9 – Doom and the Dada!
Teaser: The new Doom Patrol including Flex Mentallo are called to disocver what happened to Metropolis.
Main Plot: Batman and the Doom Patrol meet up to stop the Brotherhood of Dada and their painting that is eating cities.

10 – The Infinite Typewriter!
Teaser: Batman and Flex Mentallo team up to train only for Aquaman to keep interrupting them.
Main Plot: Batman finds himself in an alternate world where there are no superheroes and he must team up with Grant Morrison to get back home via magic.

11 – Enlisted By Sinestro!
Teaser: A mysterious black ring lands on Earth next to B’wana Beast’s grave.
Main Plot: Batman is brought forward by the Yellow Lanterns where he must testify against being an agent of fear so he won’t be brought into the team, with help from Aquaman.

12 – The Black Lanterns Strike!
Teaser: The Black Lanterns begin to march on Gotham City!
Main Plot: Batman, Starman, the Doom Patrol and Aquaman are all that stands between Gotham City and destruction since there is a giant wall of zombie energy.

13 – Rainbow Action Scene!
Teaser: Batman rides a speedboat over King Shark’s head and then does a kickflip.
Main Plot: Batman and his allies all get Lantern Corp Rings and use them to defeat the Black Lanterns in a few seconds. This then crosses over with Green Lantern The Animated Series.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.