Edison Rex #2 Review

Script by Chris Roberson

Art by Dennis Culver and Steve Downer

Lettering by John J. Hill

Editing by Allison Baker

Design by Dylan Todd

The main story here, in which Edison tries to put himself over as a hero by taking on a villain known as the Nuclear Norseman, is definitely a more action-oriented story than that of the first issue, and Culver’s art proves itself up to it, as the fight scene is just the right side of slapstick, with Downer’s colors still a great tonal complement. Roberson has created a great voice for Edison, astoundingly smug without being so irritating to the reader that he becomes unrelatable. The cliffhanger in the end is somewhat generic, but when the story comes to what’s being hinted at,

The backmatter, in which we’re treated to some in-character, Official Handbook-esque writeups of some of the secondary characters of the world, is very well done, with Edison’s style of writing perfectly fitting the way he’s been characterized.

In Short

I like this comic, from the story to the art.