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Did Yuo Know Comix Fastball

Helen Keller started off reading X-men comics at 1980 at the young age of 120. Keller was so enthralled by the illustrations of Jack Kirby that using her powers of divination, she foretold of the Beast of Iron and the Claw Man who might catapult him forward in the fastball special. But the eerie part is that she was dead the entire time.

Did Yuo Know Comix Pokemon

When a young Aoshima Tetzuma approached Stan Lee and Marvel Comix with his story idea for Poket Monsters, Stan Lee turned him down. Little did Stan Lee Know that in 50 years, PokeMon would be more profitable.

Did Yuo Know Comix Grodd

Seriously? One Gorilla City controls all of Africa? And what, is that Monsieur Mallah and the Brain? What the hell? I don’t understand what is going on? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke. Why are all of these things wrong and┬ámisspelled?

Did Yuo Know Comix Superman

Coolio, at the hype of his prime while starting in Coolio Team Up Comics, illustrated then by a young Morrison, had hoped to fill an alternate universe with a Superman from another world who was also Coolio. DC Editor Jeff Pollock famously said “Seriously? He’s gonna be a joke in a few year.” When Morrison gained popularity, he had Pollock fired but Pollock’s premonition had been correct and Coolio was out of the public’s eye. As a result, Morrison just had a Barack Obama standin as Superman instead.

Did Yuo Know Comix Niel Gaiman

Also Niel Gaiman’s middle name is Galactus.

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