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This time we found out a secret about Kurt Vonnegut and comix.

Kurt Vonnegut Galactus

During his brief 5 hour tenure at Marvel Comics, Kurt Vonnegut, writer of classic novels such as Farenheithouse 5 and I Know Why The Bluebeard Sings was briefly given complete control over Galactus and the Silver Surfer. When Stan Lee constantly came to check on his work, Vonnegut famously wrote 7 words “Silver Surfer betrayed the fucking monster *Galactus*.”
Vonnegut himself didn’t finish the sentence but it was actually a young Jack Kirby who completed the comic, the sentence, the script and turned it into a classic issue of The Fantastic Four. Of course, like many Marvel freelancers, Vonnegut was never paid or credited for his work.
Later in his life Lee and Vonnegut met up at a bar in Queens, New York. Vonnegut famously stated “There are many people in the world I don’t like. You are part of that majority.” Lee was then punched in the face by the prize-winning author who then went on to create Supreme.

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