DC Teases OMACtually Film at Comic Con

OMACtually Teaser From Comic Con

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In Comic Con News DC announced a preview for their first cross-genre superhero film titled OMACtually to be directed and written by New Zeland film creator Richard Curtis of films like Notting Hill, Bridget Jone’s Diary as well as for shows like Mr. Bean and Black Adder.
“Well, I dare say the film shall be quite the boffin piece. It will be a love store set in a despotic future and Hugh Grant is currently in talks to play Buddy Blank, a man who must sacrifice his humanity to become OMAC, the one man army core – but he can’t sacrifice his love and must choose between work and the woman he loves.”
The film based on Jack Kirby’s initial run is set to be released in 2014 alongside Justice League.
The rest of the panel resulted in stunned silence and confusion as fan after fan raised their hands in confusion asking “why?”. The panel ended with Geoff Johns tossing out other ideas he had planned to use for his OMAC series that also had the OMAC-ronym such as “Octopiary Mace Attack Chains” and “Octuple Magpie Assault Chopper”.
The Ghost of Jack Kirby was not available for commentary.

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