FCBD Rundown/Capsule reviews

Note: not all the FCBD releases can be covered here, as my shop had a 5-item limit. I will be including things I bought/won. My local shop usually has good FCBD promotions, they usually have a sale, a giveaway thing, free Heroclix/buttons/candy/Lantern rings/etc. I was kind of in a rush this year, so I didn’t really get a chance to search well.

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Socialfist – Save The Superheroes! And The Creators!

Attention Normal Meat Humans – The First Digital Collection Of Socialfist has been released and unless you help to get the word out, this might be the only collection ever!!!! Which is why for the rest of the week you’ll be able to download free copies of the basic Socialfist collection! Post reviews! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies!


After this week it will be $2 (and will be available as a pdf) with the profits being split between Remus the artist, and I. Remus needs cash money (since he did a great job and wasn’t paid enough) and I need interest for the continuation/relaunch.


But wait, why would you pay for something you got for free in a week? That doesn’t make sense! That is why we will also be releasing a $5 special edition filled with production art, commentary and a lot of other stuff including some pages from the initial series from the other artist that haven’t been seen in years! We are looking at about 60+ pages of content – try getting that at your local comic book store for $5! And all of that money goes directly to the creators. And it should maybe have that super special cameo page from the Kickstarter that happened a while ago!






Webcomic Touchdown: Unwinder’s Tall Comics

Unwinder’s Tall Comics is something I’ve written about before but due to Wilson losing his backlog of journal posts I feel oddly obligated, nay, dickishly obligated to write a new review about what stands as on of my all time favorite webcomics – Unwinder’s Tall Comics by Wilson Parker.

Unwinder's Business Card

Unwinder is what I would expect Max Huffman to be if he lived in a smaller community – a weird kid making comics and messing with various people on the internet to a greater deal than he already is. Perhaps this is more of the Huffman who would have developed 5 years earlier without the easy connections to social media (which except for the future of social media that is Team Realtree Outdoor Energy has not be covered) would developed. He is a dementedly creative kid obsessed with making something of himself but without the ultimate resolve required to do so beyond giving something a few tries.

Interspersed throughout the series are a bevy of parodies, stand-ins, alternate fictions and even callbacks to other work by Parker building this complex and frequently referred to world of sexy zombie basketball players, incredibly boring and mathematical science fiction and an anime about a guy with a blade made out of bullets.

The series art is not always the strongest part except for a few guest pieces such as the Gary Rastov covers but the art serves the purpose of getting the ideas across and unfortunately I fear that if the characters were rendered in anything beyond the somewhat simplistic scribbles, it would serve to terribly unhumanize the characters to a greater degree, despite the sometimes nightmare inducing designs for characters.

The writing though is still the standout of the piece and while metafictional references and a sometimes painfully obtuse view of the world might not be for everyone, it is rather perfect for me.

SPIDER-MAN Star Kirsten Dunst To Play Superhero

Melancholia Poster
Melancholia Poster

In controversial Danish director Lars Von Trier’s new science fiction film, MELANCHOLIA, Kirsten Dunst returns to the superhero genre that made her a household name. In the critically divisive film, Dunst plays a blushing bride who’s intense, maudlin demeanor fuels heretofore unexplored and untamed telekinetic powers.

“That’s not what the film is about at all,” Dunst told a random Frenchman with a microphone at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. “It’s about the fragility of the human experience.”

Whatever artsy metaphor is on the surface of her latest project, fans the world over will be pleased to see Dunst back where she belongs: surrounded by gratuitous CGI and being whisked around cityscapes by a sullen Tobey Maguire.

“Tobey Maguire is not in this film.” Von Trier continues to deny Maguire’s involvement, but the notoriously prickly auteur is said to be keeping a tight lid on the plot’s specifics. Perhaps a cameo is in the works?

“This is NOT a superhero film,” Von Trier added. “It’s a very serious drama about the world coming to an end, and the futility of existence.”

A superhero who fails to save the world? Maybe this sort of experimental take on the mythos is exactly the shot in the arm the stale superhero genre needs. We all saw SPIDER-MAN 3. If anybody can fail on that grand a scale, it’s Kirsten Dunst.