Alan Moore: V for Veidt-detta?

So in honor of Bonfire Night and every dumbass on the internet canonizing a religious fundamentalist terrorist and misunderstanding symbology I am reposting a forum post I did a year ago. This was based on a similarity I found between Veidt’s “I did it 35 minutes ago” line and V’s “I did it 10 minutes ago” line when he kills Dr. Surridge. Could V from V for Vendetta be Ozymandia aka Adrian Veidt aka Rap Game Alexander the Great.


Yes, yes you jackanapes, the end of the world is still upon us despite what “the media” denies so I will help you to survive the end of the world. Though to be quite clear it is not the Mayan prophecy that is correct about the end of the world but it is in fact caused by some chemicals that I left buried underground that will cause the majority of man to mutate into horrifying flesh eaters. Ironically though, the Jotun’s ship of human nails from the Ragnarok prophecy will be launched but this will be due to a prank from Anazi, the Aryan Spidergod Trickster, who he hijacks the ship when he is drunk on schnapps.

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Batman Pumpkin!

Happy Halloween! In honor of this, the most horrific of holidays, I carved a pumpkin to appease the dark gods! And those dark gods being, in order: Batman, David Mazzucchelli, and Dave Johnson. Anyway, let’s get to the details on how I ruined a great piece of art, and some suggestions on how you could salvage it if you wanted to do your own.

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