Better Comic Movies: Booster Gold

Scene: Seen from a helicopter above – an office building surrounded by SWAT teams, police cars and then news vans. Suddenly something crashes into the roof of the building from the sky, we hear a loud explosion and then thick smoke starts to pour out of the hole. From the outside of the building a few people run out – the hostages are free – the camera zooms in and then a song starts. A techno anthem seeming to come from the room, the camera pans back and we see there are now fireworks shooting from the hole as a mysterious blue and gold figure rises from it holding a group of four burly men tied up with chains. The camera zooms in on the mysterious man and a group of corporate logo holograms appear off of his suit like an augmented reality reader. The music in the background turns up and we hear who this is – “The one and only world’s best hero Booster Gold.” (maybe play a remix of the Adam Warrock song Booster Gold). As Booster delivers the bandits to the police he salutes them and then starts talking to camera crews on the ground. End scene.

Read the rest of my Booster Gold film pitch below the fold.

Booster Gold is not the average superhero and I think he deserves a film. He’s a very human character who on the outside is solely helping people for the money but on the inside he’s trying to redeem himself, make a better world for a world that doesn’t know him.

I think setting up Booster Gold might require a Justice League film, might lead to one or something akin to that but he’d need a world with other heroes – older ones. Maybe some version of the Justice Society of America – Wildcat, Starman and Hawkgirl (for a strong female character who could lead her own story later on). (Considered Alan Scott but keeping GL out of this seems smarter).

Anyway, Booster has shown up from nowhere, the news channels are hounding him, he’s swimming in endorsements, he’s Youtubing everything and he has some 500 Tumblr channels making gifs of all his videos. Booster is enjoying his life, he’s dating *insert celebrity in cameo*, he has a giant tower and he is helping people – just in the public.

But The Justice Society ends up hunting him down – “It’s not that hard, I have a GIANT TOWER IN CENTRAL CITY, making an appointment is impossible though” and ask him to join up with them. The want to make sure he has some support system in case something happens, they want to have him on if they need help. He turns them down because he’s doing well enough on his own, he knows what he needs to do and doesn’t need them honing in on his fame.

Suddenly though, Booster’s luck fails when Booster Gold Inc attempts to buy a nuclear bomb facility and the assets are seized by the government for being a potential terrorist threat. Booster Gold Inc falls into bankruptcy and because Booster Gold isn’t a legal citizen, everything he has ends up foreclosed on, leaving Booster and Skeets broke.

Booster ends up knocking on the Justice Society doors and they still happily welcome him in – they aren’t dicks, most of them have made similar mistakes and it is part of life. Booster is still dedicated to saving lives and the Society notices that he is still eerily able to tell when disaster is going to strike before it does (he takes them out for hotdogs right where a group of aliens suddenly teleports. After a long day Wildcat ends up taking Booster out for drinking and gets him drunk enough to explain how he was a football player, ended up in a bad bet and lost everything before getting a job at a museum – Skeets suddenly shows up and stops him from saying anything else. Booster, quickly sobering up leaves the bar saying that he can’t believe that his friends are betraying him and he leaves in a drunken and angry huff.

The rest of the society ends up looking for him without and luck before the police bring a broken Skeets into the Justice Society base. Thanks to Starman’s help Skeets is repaired and explains that Booster is from the future, worked in a museum, went back in time to be a hero and he is trying to prevent a hyper-destructive event that could have been easily stopped so he can prevent his future. One bolt in a nuclear facility that is knocked off causes a massive nuclear explosion killing an 8th of the world’s population on the day that the bolt is finished – which happens to be that very day – and every opportunity to fix it so far has failed from trying to buy the plant, to trying to replace it secretly (when Booster was drunk). Booster’s backup backup was to become a superhero with future tech to gain trust – “who do you trust more than a tv star?” but a group of time police have captured Booster for breaking time laws. The accident meanwhile is set to happen and Booster is the only hero who can stop it – or could stop it – but he is wrong. Wildcat and Hawkgirl just make a phone call to make sure to double check all of the bolts and the issue is fixed “come on, we are the Justice Society of America – if we say you need to fix a bolt you are gonna fix it or the Hyper-Commies are going to win this war, son!”

Booster meanwhile escapes the time police only to realize that it is too late to prevent the nuclear explosion – but it doesn’t happen and Booster figures out that someone did the right thing. The time police fade away due to time changing but Booster is stuck and finds himself being chased by some other non-time police. Booster allows himself to be arrested publicly and is unmasked (“still no idea who he is”) but thanks to the help from the Justice Society, Booster is allowed to go free since he is technically an American citizen. The Justice Society still accept Booster and promise to use Skeets knowledge solely to help, before Booster quickly runs to a gambling hall to put all his money on the Gotham Knights.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.