Bandette #1 Review


By Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
Review by Arielle Sorkin

Bandette is cute. Cute, fun, and really leaving me in need of more issues. The story (so far) is simple enough: Bandette is an honorable thief for justice! The story takes place in modern France, and Colleen Coover’s loose brushwork set a perfectly Parisian tone.

The first issue is short at about thirteen pages, but Bandette’s character is enough to draw a reader in. She’s a flamboyant lady thief, always polite even when indignant at being caught in the act. (“Bullets? How rude!”) Although she seems a bit clumsy, she makes up for it by proving her resourcefulness and capability. Really, the only word that could encapsulate her is charming, and she’s convincingly beloved on and off the page. The story Paul Tobin has presented matches Bandette’s charm well: despite the danger set upon her getaway, Bandette is nonviolent, and her cheeky dialog in tandem with her almost Home Alone-esque escape keep the atmosphere of the comic light and enjoyable.

The first issue does a good job setting up the series, introducing Bandette’s place in society, her boss, and her friends. Also in contrast to Bandette’s daring and bubbly side of the story, we are privy to a noir-like plot seed with the Monsieur, whom one can only assume is her boss.

So Really

I’m really interested in where this story will go. Top notch art, fun writing, and a great female character is always a recipe for a great comic.

Arielle Sorkin

Generally nervous human being.