Alan Moore “Watchmen Was My RPG Campaign”

In his most shocking interview yet, comics visionary Alan Moore confessed via live chat at San Diego Comic Con that “Watchmen was my RPG campaign. We were really into dungeons and dragons at the time but Chuck Greene, my mate who was DMing, was like “Wanna do some hero games?”

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“Now I’d been on a few books, mostly sci fi stuff by then, but doing superheroes – I knew that’d be the crux of my career. Greene ends up tossing a buncha old superhero flops he had and was like – “Pick someone.” I ended up picking out the Phantom Lady. I wanted to challenge the masculinity of the guys I’d been playing like Krong the Barbarian, Kroang the Barbarian and Lorex the Ranger/Barbarian. I ended up mostly sleeping with random characters as the Phantom Lady, not doing much else and Greene keeps building this alternate world and the other guys were fighting. I think Ken got stabbed by Little Ken which broke up the game for a while. Eventually Greene, he decides to flash forward 20 years for a new round. Now Phantom Lady is in a kibble just having old lady sex and Greene kicks me from playing her so I get stuck with playing her daughter. Still I kept on bonking nasties. Morris who was playing Blue Beetle even got in on Phantom Lady Junior. So you flash forward a few years, I buy the notes Greene kept on the session and changed names for DC. Bam, I got a masterpiece.”

Gibbons, who’d played his own game added in a buncha stuff. And took out a lot of the sex but I am confessing that I am not a genius. I did just steal characters and wanting back the rights is wrong. I am being a jerk to stay angry at DC and it is just because as SupermanDieBiJoker said “I am hella gay and my beard is for pussies.” I am sorry for my deception, now I wish to finish the My Little Ponies slash fic that crosses over with Supernatural.”


DC, the ghost of Jack Kirby and even the people there have yet to comment, make out audible words or even move since his announcement.

Alan Moore’s next book LXG: Supernatural Best Friends comes out next month.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.