13 Days till Halloween-Day 8

It’s the 13th month of the year (Editor’s Note: No, it’s actually the 10th), and the witching-y day approaches! In honor of All-Hallow’s day, as any snotty 10-year old will try to correct you to, Nerdcenaries is doing a special countdown of spooky comics. For the next 13 days until Halloween, I’ll be talking about one scaaaaaary issue or original Graphic Novel per day, to get you in the proper mood (Editor’s Note: the proper mood is murder.) Here’s the eighth!:

Buzzard #1-4

Written and drawn by Eric Powell

Colored by Dave Stewart

A spinoff from Powell’s more (most?) well-known character The Goon, Buzzard is an interesting series. Powell’s stretching himself in a lot of ways, while relying on a lot of tried and true writing tricks at the same time. It’s much more surreal than the Goon, and by this time in his career, Powell’s art had progressed from very good to brilliant, but I think the best thing in the comic is the tone: it’s moody and haunting, and there’s a wispy, kind of un-tethered feel, like the comic can and will go anywhere.


Chance Second wanted me to mention Chinatown, which is the Goon Graphic Novel that won Powell all those sweet Eisners. It’s a great piece of work, beautifully drawn, and written largely as a departure from his earlier humor-based stories. It’s light on horror, though, so it doesn’t get the countdown spot. Sorry! Really good though.

Other Spooooooooooky Comics

Ziah Grace

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