13 Days till Halloween- Day 6

It’s the 13th month of the year (Editor’s Note: No, it’s actually the 10th), and the witching-y day approaches! In honor of All-Hallow’s day, as any snotty 10-year old will try to correct you to, Nerdcenaries is doing a special countdown of spooky comics. For the next 13 days until Halloween, I’ll be talking about one scaaaaaary issue or original Graphic Novel per day, to get you in the proper mood (Editor’s Note: the proper mood is murder.) Here’s the Sixth!:

American Vampire #22-25, the “Bite Them Back” story arc

Written by Scott Snyder

Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque

Colored by Dave McCraig


This was suggested by one of my co-workers at the LCS.

I’m a sucker for a well-done period piece, and this arc of American Vampire is pretty good to boot. Snyder has a nice through-line of the countdown of the three things the teenage brain can’t accept (which is another thing I’m a sucker for: numbered issue countdowns), and Albuquerque steps up his art a whole lot with more details and a moody atmosphere. American Vampire’s a series that usually runs hot and cold for me, but these four issues are some of my favorites.

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