13 Days till Halloween -Day 11

For the last 10 days, I’ve been talking about some great spooky comics to whet your appetite for the horrific holiday that’s coming up, but with 3 days left, I’m going to be getting a bit more personal. For the next 3 days, I’m going to be talking about the three comics that scared me the most as a kid, from least to most. Prepare your ridicule cannons as you gaze into the fractured psyche of a comics reading child!

Haha, this looks like great fun for a child! What could possibly be upsetting in this comic?

Iceman #1-4

Written by J.M Dematteis

Drawn by Alan Kupperberg

Hey, when you think of Iceman, what’s the first thing you think of? Maybe you think fondly of a comic he was in, or maybe you really liked the movie, or something. For me, I thought of the cartoon, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. I loved that show! It was fun, and colorful, and Iceman had a cool power, so I looked for some comics starring him one time. I was hoping for something where he fought some┬ávillains, maybe even hung out with Spider-Man, I wasn’t picky. Instead, I get this horrifying abstract tale of “Back to the Future”-esque shenanigans against an all-black abstract world.

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. Just… GAH. Marvel, think it through. Have a freaking series of Iceman comics when you have a show out, don’t let the only solo appearance of Iceman be this weird thing.

And it wasn’t the weirdness of it, really. It was just the sheer lack of concern that maybe Iceman, fucking ICEMAN, wasn’t the best guy to fight this guy.

It kind of feels like they had a script lying around for Quasar, or… I dunno, Dr. Strange? and just replaced it with Iceman because. There’s nothing in this series that could possibly have benefited from the inclusion of the wisecracking guy that makes ice.

I don’t know, Bobby. I just don’t know.

Join us tomorrow for some books that I’m fairly sure you might actually recognize!

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