How Many X-factor Members Do You Know?

We here at Nerdcenaries like to be hip and on the ball so we decided to do one of those Quizzes where we ask you to name comic characters and by name comic characters we mean choose between two names attacked to an image we got off Google Image Search and didn’t attribute because we have better things to do than that. Like make more of these quizzes. How many X-factor Members do you know?

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Marvel Season One: X-men and Doctor Strange

I haven’t touched a lot of the old school comics before when it comes to Marvel and DC (and those I’ve read are because of SuperMOOC). So when the opportunity came via the library system to check out the Marvel Season One books – the updated origin graphic novels retelling the origin stories of some of the better known heroes I was game.
I really picked up the titles in order of interested and was able to touch the first few pretty quickly so the reviews are in that order as opposed to some kind of chronological one.

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Marvel, Thunderbolts, Avengers and Integration

As much as I like the media, I don’t care about the Avengers or X-men or their battles. For me they exist in their other media, the cartoons I grew up with, the movies I watched and for the X-men the games I played (god I hated the Sega Genesis one where you started in the Savage Lands).

So when Avengers and X-men fight and the Axel Alonso talks about Marvel NOW changing the Avengers and the X-men, I’m not excited. When I see him talking about new costumes and new teams and these new starting points I’m not excited.
The last time I wanted to buy a Marvel comic was when I heard from Ziah about Thunderbolts.

Marvel Now Preview Image
Marvel Now Preview Image

Thunderbolts Spoilers Ahead under the fold along with business talk.
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