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Radio Hope and The Reader Will Be Late This Week

Check back Sunday or so for the full news and new episode!

Nerdecenaries Am Top Comic News Site Now. Haw Haw Haw

Dicks in Comic Upset People, Banning of Comic With Dicks Upsets More People

Studio Actually Notices Justice League Script is Terrible, And That Their Nose Is On Their Face

The Magic of Santa and Mighty Max

I’m 23 now and I’ve had “that” Christmas gift – the one that you always bring up in conversation when someone asks what your favorite Christmas gift is. For me it was the Mighty Max Skull Mountain playset.

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Holiday Lull

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. With the holiday season upon us it gets troublesome to have fresh articles even once every few days but rest assured that after Christmas, we should be resuming regular postings.


Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Nerdcenaries Podcast Stuck In Comic Limbo

Nerdcenaries Celebrates Anniversary Late, In Fetal Position

DC Solicit Overview: January 2013

This month, more series are sacrificed on the altar of an arbitrary number gimmick, and more rise to take their place.

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Alan Moore: V for Veidt-detta?

So in honor of Bonfire Night and every dumbass on the internet canonizing a religious fundamentalist terrorist and misunderstanding symbology I am reposting a forum post I did a year ago. This was based on a similarity I found between Veidt’s “I did it 35 minutes ago” line and V’s “I did it 10 minutes ago” line when he kills Dr. Surridge. Could V from V for Vendetta be Ozymandia aka Adrian Veidt aka Rap Game Alexander the Great.