Thing Of The Week – Tilapia

It is the holiday week before thingy so this week we are cutting down to an average of two posts per day since most of the writers will be busy and so we can build up a backlog. Of news. Before it happens. Of course the holiday that we will be occupied with in Tilapia, […]

Thing Of The Week: Surprise Stash

Coming up this week (starting with the first article from today) we have a series of test articles that you the reader will get to vote on (most of them were found in an article stash). Those with the most votes will become new series to replace some of the least popular ones! Check back […]

Thing Of The Week: Avengers: EMH Prisons

I’m a fan of cartoons and if they are on Netflix Instant I’ll sure as hell watch them especially as I do work around the house. Currently I’ve started rewatching Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with my sister and I love that every character more or less has their own role to play, each episode tells […]

Thing Of The Week: Seperation

One of the things that happens in real life is separation – this can happen with physical objects, relationships and even spiritual disconnection. I moved around a decent amount from city to city growing up – not too far that I couldn’t see friends but enough that an effort (1.5 hours of driving each way) […]

Thing Of The Week – Looking Back

The thing of the week really has no set rhyme or reason so it is pretty much an open topic for bullfrippery or in this week’s article, reflectiveness. I like to think where I was a year ago so I can reflect on changes in my life and damn there have been a good deal. […]

Thing Of The Week – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up in a little over a week for most American families. I am not sure if other countries have weird thanksgivings but they aren’t as politically loving to the U.S. of A. as we are in America. Due to weird family things though (my brother leaves to go teaching) this weekend so […]

Thing Of The Week: Webcomics Part 1

Let’s get real for a second and chat about some webcomics and when I say real I mean comics that are actually happening. Some favorites of the staff include: Allan Bad Machinery Cat And Girl Gunnerkrigg Court Gunshow Manly Guys Doing Manly Things Nedroid Noncanon Octopus Pie Three Word Phrase Unwinder’s Tall Comics The Least […]

Thing Of The Week: Ghosts In Comics

Ghosts have been an integral part of comics ever since the first appearance of a vigilante murderer named Casper the Ghost in the early 20’s. Due to a retcon and a more famous reboot brought on by the purchase of the title though, Casper is generally seen as a children’s character but stands as the […]

Thing Of The Week: History Of Nerdcenaries

Now not many of you readers would be aware of this fact but Nerdcenaries was originally a periodical back in the 19th century. It was created by a man named Louis Rouals. The periodical entitled “Nerdcenaries: A Confastion Of Gapping Maws And The Abysses” never really took off but was none the less continued for […]