Young Avengers and More With Ramon Villalobos

Nerdcenaries: Hello Ramon! Ramon Villalobos: Hi. Nerdcenaries: How are you doing? Ramon Villalobos: I’m doing alright. Nerdcenaries: Well, you got done with your What If: Age of Ultron issue and you are doing Young Avengers next but I think there was something else you had that came out recently.¬†Am I mistaken? Ramon Villalobos: Yeah a […]

Princeless For All and More With Jeremy Whitley

Nerdcenaries: Hey Jeremy Whitley. I’m a big fan of Princeless but I wish there were a way I could get friends into the comic. Is there some way you could help out? Jeremy: Absolutely! Right now we are getting ready to rerelease the original first issue of Princeless to comic stores. Better yet, we’re going […]

Interview with Beau Quijano

Nerdcenaries: Hello Beau Quijano, how is it going? Beau Quijano: It’s going fine. Like this right? Nerdcenaries: This works Beau Quijano: Great Nerdcenaries: So you’ve been posting comics on Tumblr for a while. Can you go over some of the comics you’ve done and what they’re about? Beau Quijano: Uh, so makeoutpoint currently has a […]

Real Interviews: Olliver Kirby

N: So, could you explain who you are and what your job is for people that don’t already know? OK: Well I’m Olliver Kirby. I’ve been him for as long as I can remember. I’ve been working various odd jobs in the entertainment industry for maybe five or six years now. I’m currently working as […]

Real Interviews: Barry Fuhrman

Luke: This week we have on Barry Fuhrman of the web series, The Variants and actual employee of Zeus Comics. Barry is online on Twitter at KingBaz. How are you doing? Barry: I am enough for a Sunday afternoon wherein I accomplished absolutely nothing that I needed to accomplish. I did have some Twizzlers, though, […]

Real Interviews: Adam WarRock

This week we had the opportunity to sit down – in two different states, at different times, on the computer – to talk to Eugene Ahn aka Adam WarRock. We talked about LBFA Inc, donations and more! Check it out after the jump along with an important link!