Pitch Week: Aquaman Movie!

I really don’t care too much, nor do I know that much about Aquaman. He’s not one of my favorite heroes. He lives in a state of almost universal derision, except by his strange cult like following. I’m in the middle ground – Aquaman seems like a pretty cool guy. I wish I could have […]

Vixen – A TV Pitch Part 2

Writing multiple episode synopsis has proven to be tiring work so the rest of this week will be a continuation of the pitches for the Vixen series. Here are the first 7 episodes. 1 – Pilot – After a long night of partying for her 25th birthday, Mari McCabe comes home to find a package […]

Vixen – A TV Pitch Part 1

So the CW has had reasonable success with Arrow but the show ultimately lacks some of the more exotic nature of the rest of the DC Comics universe. That is why I am pitching a Vixen series – Vixen being the superpowered supermodel who can use the powers of any animals. Using the CW three […]

Pitch Machine: ERAS

Ziah Grace challenged me to make a 7 Soldiers of Victory style series using any character making a pitch every day for a week. I laughed. And then I picked a buncha Bob Powell characters that almost nobody heard of and made 7 pitches that tie into the same story. Except each one takes place […]

Pitch Machine: Thunderbrunch

Established during the brief period that the Thunderbolts were used as a corporate tie-in, Thunderbrunch was established as an unofficial theme restaurant for the team by New York millionaire Milo Gorgon who came from a rich Greek family. Gorgon used his wealth to secure costumes, collectibles and actual tools from the members of the Thunderbolts […]

Pitch: Cable Messiah

The other night before I went to the Adam WarRock show with my friends, I swore that that I could make an interesting pitch for any character as either a series, miniseries or even a villain of the week thing. Beast Boy came up (team up with Animal Man and Vixen for people connected to […]

Pitch Week: The Shazam Family

I’ve never really read Shazam or the Marvel family except for that Shazam one shot that came out last year. That thing made no sense because of the continuity and it was pretty confusing. I want a reboot of the series though because there are these elements that aren’t really touched because of how the […]

Pitch Week – Batman REBORN

Christopher Nolan is going to do in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES what Frank Miller did when he was on DAREDEVIL: he’s going to tip that sumbitch over and LEAVE. After making two perfect (or near perfect, depending on your contrarian point of view) Bat films, he’ll be making a Towering Conclusion, and then leaving the […]