Marvel Announces New AR Moments In Classic Comics

In a PR message released today, Marvel announced that they would be adding in AR moments in new printings of classic collections starting with new hardcover versions of Secret Wars, Nextwave, Spider-man and Captain America. “Honestly I think the AR boxes are really great for bringing people into the comics,” said Joe Quesada. “It gives […]

Internet Trolls To Write New Marvel Series

After all of the attention gained from recent social media meltdowns with creators Dan Slott and Rick Remender that resulted in more attention coming to the books, Marvel Comics announced today that they’d just be hiring internet trolls to write series in a press release sent out this morning.

KABOOM Cutting Comic Cover Rates?

Rumors have started circulating that the price KABOOM is paying for Adventure Time covers is around $200. While this may seem like a reasonable amount considering that is a more or less standard page rate for artists – it is honestly very low for covers, especially for a company that not only is doing multiple […]

Fake Geek Girl Spotted In Seattle

The Fake Geek Girl, long suspected to exist but never seen, was photographed by an amateur cryptozoologist as the elusive Girl was leaving a Simon Helberg signing at Gold K Comics. Clad in what some witnesses believe was a Target Batman tee shirt and others a Wal-mart Avengers hoodie (though most agreed she had no […]