Pitch Week: Aquaman Movie!

I really don’t care too much, nor do I know that much about Aquaman. He’s not one of my favorite heroes. He lives in a state of almost universal derision, except by his strange cult like following. I’m in the middle ground – Aquaman seems like a pretty cool guy. I wish I could have […]


First off, congratulations for pulling off a successful, both critically and commercially, trilogy. I wholeheartedly recommend Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies to everyone. Linked together, they are a masterpiece of storytelling that not many creators could pull off. Which brings us to the point of this article, following up that work. You must be thinking about […]

Better Comic Movies: Booster Gold

Scene: Seen from a helicopter above – an office building surrounded by SWAT teams, police cars and then news vans. Suddenly something crashes into the roof of the building from the sky, we hear a loud explosion and then thick smoke starts to pour out of the hole. From the outside of the building a […]

Better Comic Movies: Atom Smasher

When the atomic bomb has destroyed the world – the atomic man will be our hero! ATOM SMASHER! I am mentally picturing this movie as a sort of a retro-futurist Doc Savage-y piece. The world got bombed to hell with atomic power – but it was the retro ideal of atomics so instead of killing […]

Better Comic Movies – The Incredible Ant-Man

Scott Lang just made the world’s greatest scientific discovery – the Lang Particle! Capable of reshaping the world around you in incredible ways! The problem is Scott isn’t who he said he is and the people around him around going to be in a lot of trouble unless Hank Pym, the Incredible Ant-Man can save […]

Better Comic Movies – Demons and Spectres

I am really tired of most superhero movies – do we need each hero to have an origin film? Why not show that we can use these characters to tell different stories? To build a universe that goes beyond being every other film? So every week I’ll post a pitch for a different kind of […]