Kingsman: The Secret Service: A Secret Surprise

Mark Millar movies and comics can be highly concerning and dangerous entities. There is an odd status where Millar chooses for his work to appeal to the hate in the audience while simultaneously judging them for liking it. Kickass for example was unrelentingly aggressive towards the people watching the movie and reading the comic. The […]

Horrible Bosses 2: The Horrible Bosses Gaze Into You

Horrible Bosses 2 is the kind of sequel that takes characters people generally liked the first time out, hands them to a new creative team, and then fails to make anything worthwhile narratively, neglecting to tell actual jokes or to make the characters endearing. Gone are the bumbling and mostly innocent knuckleheads from Horrible Bosses, replaced with stunted, pale imitations. The […]

Announcing The Punching Hitler Podcast

Because it is about time someone did! It is hard to find someone who wouldn’t punch Hitler out if they had the chance so on the Hitler punching podcast, we will be looking into HOW they would punch Hitler if they had the chance. It will be like an anti-Nazi Inside The Actor’s Studio. Join […]

Let’s Be Cops

  I was a bit disappointed that the early screening of Let’s Be Cops didn’t have the same type of social marketing hashtag that The Purge: Anarchy had. For The Purge, they wanted viewers of the early movie screening to tweet what they’d do #IfThePurgeWasReal. Let’s Be Cops wasn’t afforded the same benefit. There was […]

Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: The 1997 Royal Rumble

KnicksFanForLife Usenet report posted: Dark Match: Stevie Ray and Godfather/Steve Corino and Sid, Stevie pins Corino. Dark Match: Sugah Shane and Jammin Jamie w/Matt Hardy and Cuddly Chris vs. Hakushi/Bradshaw, Bradshaw pins Noble. Hakushi and Bradshaw have good chemistry, and Hakushi looked good. Dark Segment: Brian Pillman comes out to wander among the audience and […]

Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: January, Week 3, 1997

FMWFTW Usenet report posted: Raw opens with Goldust and Taker in the ring. Goldust is already patting himself on the back saying that the tag titles are as good as his and come Rumble, he’ll finally get to have the Wrestlemania moment he’s always dreamed of. Jericho and Piper comes out to rebut as do […]

Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: January, Week 2, 1997

DaltonBondFan3 Usenet Report posted: Raw is in Texas tonight and we start off with Piper’s Pit! Roddy Piper is talking with Rick Martel, discussing the debacle that was the Christmas Raw’s IC Title match. “Jerry Lynn, you call yourself the real IC champion just because you can dig through garbage and have your squad of […]